Interview With Serena Ackeroyd

We haven’t had an Interview in a while so today I’m sharing with you all an Interview I did with the lovely Serena Ackeroyd.

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Heidi!

The release of a new novel is always an exciting and terrifying time. Christmas: Dragon Style is more nerve-wracking than most as I am a total fan of dragon paranormal romances. This book basically epitomizes everything I adore about dragon shifters, so there’s quite a lot at stake for me!

I just hope my readers, old and new, love Remy and the rest of the characters within this new series of mine.

I thought I’d answer a few questions for my wonderful host, so let’s dot some Is and cross some Ts!


What’s your favourite genre, Serena?


If you know my stuff, and I know you do, Heidi ;), you’ll know I write in nearly every single romance subgenre going! 😛 Why? Well, my muse has ADHD, I think. Or, at least, I do. I’m a bit manic, and I think writing helps contain that.

The only subgenre still missing, relatively speaking, is historical. But I have a half-finished historical Regency menage in the pipeworks, so watch out for that if you love Mr Darcy!

As a writer, I don’t have a favourite, but as a reader, I’ll admit… I love paranormal romance. It really floats my boat!


What’s special about Christmas: Dragon Style?


I have a thing for dragons. It’s a problem. Lol! I love them. Whenever I see a new one pop up on Kindle, I dive into them, and just… *sighs* I really wish they existed. If I had my way, I’d totally be mated to a dragon! 😀

I guess that’s why I love this book.


From the blurb, I know there are vampires in this series. Vampires and Dragons? WTF?


I know, right? So bizarre to mix the two up, but Heidi, you know me! I love stirring! Only the most powerful of women can carry a dragonling, which is Dragonspeak for a baby. So, who better than coven leaders. That’s why the series is called The Sanguenna Chronicles. A Sanguenna is a coven leader. 😉


Christmas: Serena Style… How does that go?


I wake up VERY late, my mom makes dinner and I usually sneak stuffing for the turkey and talk to her as she cooks. We eat around two or three, chill a bit then pig out on Xmas pudding and mince pies. Then, of course, comes Quality Street, plus plenty of usually rubbish Christmas telly!

We don’t give gifts in my family, but we DO enjoy our food! Ha!


Thanks for having me, Heidi. I hope I’ve sparked your interest in Christmas: Dragon Style!

It’s available from the 19th December.

Happy reading, everyone, and even happier holidays!




Serena ❤


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