Cowboy Strong

Cowboy Strong Front Cover


Cowboy Strong

Fall in Love with a man who works with his hands…a man who cherishes his loved ones…

Love a man who is Cowboy Strong….


The Cowboy’s Secret by Allison Merritt

Can an all-around cowboy make peace with his past and find love with a spunky cowgirl who steals his family’s heart?

Not the End, Cowboy by Autumn Piper

Hitting humanity with a pandemic isn’t enough for Fate—she’ll make you survive it with the one person you never want to see again.

Bidding for the Cowboy’s Heart by Melissa Keir

Going once, going twice, sold. Can a New York socialite find love with a Colorado bull rider she won at auction?

Saving Cowboy by Leslie Garcia

Betrayal embittered them both—can love heal their hurt and help them save a horse named Cowboy?

Welcome Home, Cowboy by Sara Walter Ellwood

Who says you can’t ever go home?

Lorelei Kent fears she’ll never find love again. Back on her ranch isn’t where playboy bull rider Tucker O’Connell wants to be. Will she welcome him home? Or will his secret promise to her ex-destroy any chance they might have had?

Her Taylor Made Cowboy by D’Ann Lindun As a successful model, Taylor Griffin hated being judged for her looks unless Waylon Wainwright can prove he sees the woman and not just her beauty.

Excerpt from Bidding for the Cowboy’s Heart:

What could I have studied for this auction event? Magic Mike? Moving his hips like he’d seen in a commercial, he broke out laughing. Nope. No Channing Tatum here.

Marcus scrutinized the audience until his gaze landed on his friend’s wife. The Heartsong Ranch was an equine therapy ranch where they helped kids and adults with a variety of physical and emotional issues. It was Jake’s baby and had grown in the last year. But he never turned away a patient based on insurance or lack thereof. This fundraiser would make a big difference in so many lives. For that reason, it’d become important to him.

Angela’s table was filled with beautiful women laughing and enjoying the event. Marcus knew many of them, from the blonde bombshell Realtor, Debra O’Neill, to the mousy teacher, Michelle Alt. He’d attended a few cookouts with them. Nice ladies, all married to his friends. “Whoa.” His gaze settled on the one woman he didn’t know.

She slid her hand through her long blonde locks and tucked them behind her ear as she laughed at something Angela said. The purple dress highlighted her tanned skin. He gulped. There was a lot of skin showing. The strappy shoes caught his attention as she tapped her foot on the table leg. He imagined those legs wrapped around his waist as she screamed his name.

As if sensing his gaze, she turned and searched the curtained stage. Does she have a husband showering her with passion or is she more into girls? Not that it would be bad…well, bad for me. Marcus released the curtain and straightened his belt, trying to hide his hard-on. While the tight jeans might earn some additional dollars, I don’t want some old granny getting up in my junk.

Marcus spun toward the sound of footfalls and saw the chef strutting across the backstage area. He appeared so full of himself with his cheesy grin and expensive suit like he deserved every penny of the money he’d brought. Marcus tugged on his Stetson, trying to avoid eye contact with the show-off.

When he saw Marcus, Pierre paused. “Did you see that? My date sold for the highest so far. Every woman wanted to learn to cook with me. The ranch will be sure to recognize me as the best.”

Marcus patted the man on the shoulder. “You deserve it.” Before the chef could utter another word, he skedaddled out of there. Too bad the joker didn’t recognize sarcasm. No point getting into a pissing contest over an event he got wrangled into.

Bidding for the Cowboys Heart LRG

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  1. Melissa Keir says:

    Thank you for sharing our new box set! You can’t go wrong with a sexy cowboy!


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