Legacy Of The Wolf

Day Three


Legacy of the Wolf

The Gray Pack Book Three

Built like Vikings, the Whetstone brothers are a force to be reckoned with. As Beta Wolves of the Gray Pack, Rafe and Ryley are simultaneously two of the strongest men in the pack, and firefighters for the Kansas City Fire Department.

Twenty years have passed since their parents disappeared, and they dream of finding their mate, and having a family. They want to build a legacy of their own, but fate just dumped a big old monkey wrench in their plans by the name of…Shandi Martin.

Fighting cancer for her life, she was devastated when her boyfriend left her. So why would she want to risk her heart again? Facing destiny she realizes that she stopped living to protect her heart three years ago. But when a mysterious rogue wolf threatens their new relationship, they are forced to make a choice. Can they accept a life with just each other, or do they need a family to be happy?



“Big feet mean big–” Jennifer was saying, but Lily interrupted her with a laugh.

“That’s a load of crap. My last boyfriend wore a size fourteen shoe, but his was pinky sized. I don’t buy into that old story at all.” Lily snorted.

“Well, you remember Dale? That guy I took home on our last girls’ night out? He made a believer out of me, and I for one will pay attention to all of the clues before selecting another bedmate,” Jennifer said with a big cocky grin. Shandi couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her friend’s comfort with her own sexuality.

Unable to bite back her response, she smarted off, “Shoe size has nothing to do with penis size. If it did there wouldn’t be a single man with a shoe size over a 12 left in the world.”

It wasn’t until both of her friends started to snicker that she realized she had spoken fairly loudly. There were several other patrons of the bar currently chuckling at her bold statement. One particularly deep rumble of mirth came from her right. The direction of the two sexy Viking Firemen she was trying to ignore.

She whipped her head around to find herself face-to-face with the two men who had been starring in her sexual fantasies for the day. They were both smiling like dogs stalking the mailman, and she swallowed hard before turning back to stare into the bottom of her mug of beer.

“Excuse us, ladies, but it’s not every day that we get to listen in on beautiful women discussing their preferred male attributes, so we were paying close attention. Hello again, Shandi.” Ryley spoke with a smile gracing his lips. Shandi’s complete attention went to his full, luscious lips. She wanted to grab him and pull him down against her so that she could taste them herself. She shook her head, realizing what he had said, and blushed even harder.

“Hello again. And it was actually a private conversation,” she snapped in an irritated voice. What is wrong with me? she thought to herself. Stop being such a bitch, and invite them to sit down.

“Our apologies for interrupting. You look like you are all having a good time, and we were just hoping to join you,” Ryley said with a practiced wink in her friends direction.

“Of course we always welcome sexy men to join us,” Lily said flirtatiously, batting her eyes at Ryley. Shandi wanted to rip Lily’s false eyelashes from her eyes and feed them to her. She struggled to tamp down her jealousy.

Before she had time to come up with a witty response, Ryley had pulled a chair over between Jen and Shandi and was straddling it. He was close enough that his knee pressed against her upper thigh. Her brain went slightly misty at the close contact, but then it went downright cloudy when Rafe pulled up a chair on her other side, and rested his large arm on the back of Shandi’s chair, so that it was pressed against her shoulder blades.

She took a deep breath, only to feel almost dizzy with desire. They smelled amazing. Like sunshine, and new grass. She couldn’t remember the last time that she smelled something so appealing…oh wait, that’s right, it was earlier this afternoon in her classroom. She had to close her eyes to get her equilibrium back before she spoke.

“Sure, why not. Please, join us,” she said sarcastically with a pointed look at Jennifer, who looked confused and irritated with her snarky attitude.

“Thank you. I’m Ryley Whetstone, and this is my brother Rafe,” Ryley said, holding his hand out to Jen and then Lily.

“Lovely to meet you, handsome. I’m Lily, and this is Jen. How is it that you know our Shandi?” Lily had her sex kitten smile plastered on her gorgeous face, and Shandi couldn’t shake off the second wave of jealousy that hit her.

There was no excuse or explanation for it, but the green-eyed monster inside of Shandi wanted to reach out and smack the seductive smile right off of her best friend’s face. It wasn’t like Ryley was her possession, or even her man for that matter. She had no reason to feel anything toward him, but she sure as hell couldn’t watch him screw her best friend either.

“We met at the school today,” Rafe explained. All the while he watched Shandi as she fidgeted in her seat.

“The firemen?” Jen asked excitedly, and both men nodded. “Damn, I wish I had seen you. I would have skipped the last hour of the day to come and watch your presentation. Do you think you could come back and do another for my class?”

Jen leaned forward in her seat and pressed her breast against Ryley’s arm encouragingly, but Shandi was pleased to see him pull away from her.

Damn it, Shandi, stop it, she scolded herself in her head. Jen and Lily were both single and ready to party, so what was the big deal? If they wanted Rafe and Ryley, and could distract them from asking her out again, then that was all the better. Now if she could just figure out why that thought had her seeing a haze of red anger.

“Just call the firehouse and schedule with the commander. We don’t really get to pick which ones we do, but you can make a request.” Rafe explained, and then he turned back to Shandi. “I am really glad we got to see you again, Shandi.”

She tried to return his smile politely, but her face felt strange. In fact her whole body felt all tingly and hot. Specifically where Rafe’s arm was draped over the back of her chair, rubbing erotically against her back, and where Ryley’s thigh butted up against hers. She nearly moaned out loud when Rafe’s fingers danced over the bare skin of her shoulder.

Adult Excerpt

“Are you guys just going to look?” she asked curiously, cracking her eyes open to peek at them, and Rafe growled in response. Her eyes widened, reminding him that she didn’t know the whole story about him and Ryley yet. He was going to have his work cut out for him restraining his wolf and staying in control.

“Nope, baby girl, we’re going to look, touch, and taste every square inch of you. Roll over. I’m dying to see that pretty ass,” Ryley said, reaching for her bent knees to nudge them in the direction he wanted her to move.

When she was on her stomach, Rafe reached out and ran his hands over her round white ass cheeks. His fingers danced over the curve of her waist and up to the hard ridge of her shoulder blades. Her skin was absolutely flawless, and softer than a wolf pup’s fur.

The smell of arousal rolled off of her, making Rafe’s brain slow. Ryley was kissing his way up her legs, tasting her luscious skin all the way, and Shandi was moaning her pleasure.

Rafe met Ryley’s gaze and they spoke silently.

Heads or tails, bro.

I’ll take heads this time. I’ve at least tasted her already.

Fuck, I can’t wait to get inside of her.

Take it easy, Ry, we’re bigger than humans. You might hurt her.

Ryley stood up next to the bed and tugged Shandi until she was on her belly with her legs spread around his hips. With one hand under her soft belly, he lifted her up to her knees, and she groaned and tilted her hips back in invitation.

“That’s a fucking gorgeous sight.” Ryley moaned, and Rafe envied him to for a moment.

“Mmm…Ryley, please…” She moaned, dropping her forehead down to rest on the bed. Her hands clenched into the comforter, and her hips swayed with her rising passion.

Deciding that he wasn’t interested in sitting on the sidelines, Rafe moved up onto his knees on the bed near Shandi’s face. “Angel, I want to feel you, too. Taste me while Ryley fucks you.”

When she lifted her face again, her cheeks were bright pink, and her lips where swollen from their kisses. She reached out and gripped Rafe’s cock in her small hand, just as Ryley rubbed his dick over her pussy. By the way she gripped his cock he could guess how much of Ryley she had impaling her now. She panted loudly, and groaned as Ryley eased his way into her.

Rafe’s cock was nearly as hard as the wooden bedpost when she seemed to remember what she had been doing and her tongue darted out to lick him teasingly. His breath hissed through his teeth, and she pressed her lips against his cockhead in a full kiss. Then she swallowed him. There was no slow, teasing caress, or tender lead into it. She just deep throated his cock, and he was suddenly tickling her tonsils. It was a heady feeling, and his balls tightened up almost immediately.

“Whoa, angel. This is going to end way too fast if you don’t slow down,” he complained, gripping her long hair in one hand to hold it back from her face. She instantly groaned and swallowed him another inch deeper, and he grinned to himself. Wrapping her hair in his hand more tightly, he began to tug at it to direct her. It was like he had a direct connection to her center of orgasm with her hair in his hand, as she began to follow his lead.

Shandi bobbed up and down on his length, her hot mouth enveloping him, and her teeth just barely scraping him. Rafe was in heaven. He could feel the momentum of his brother’s thrusts deep into her womb as it pushed her forward onto his own cock. It was taking every ounce of self-control to keep from blowing his load right down her hot throat.

Ryley’s movements became more frantic, and Shandi’s bobbing slowed down. She was losing focus, so Rafe eased out of her mouth, but he kept her hair gripped in his hand. She seemed to enjoy the sting of him pulling her hair so much that he did it again and again. Anything that increased her pleasure ultimately increased his own.

Ryley growled low in his throat, and then roared as he came hard. He slammed into Shandi, and she lurched forward against Rafe, who held her solidly as she splintered with her own release. She was stunning when she was in the throes of an orgasm. Her mouth dropped open, her face was flushed, her whole body was trembling, and she made the most delicious sex noises.

The two slumped on the bed, Ryley holding most of his weight on his forearms, for several moments before he started to pull away. Her moan of disapproval had Ryley grinning. She had more stamina than they gave her credit for, and she was more passionate than they could have dreamed.

“Rafe?” The word came out as a question, and it drew his gaze down to her beautiful purple eyes.

“Yes, angel?” he murmured, watching her hooded eyes dilate as she ran her gaze over his still rock-hard erection.

“You didn’t…I mean…you haven’t…” She started to get nervous. Rafe could tell by the way she clenched up her muscles, and her eyes darted away from his.

“I will, angel, but you needed a minute to recover from Ry,” Rafe responded gently, and she giggled.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said, glancing over her shoulder to see Ryley stretched out on the bed next to them with one arm thrown over his eyes. “Looks like he needed some recovery time, too.”

“Just keep talking, baby girl. I have a long memory, and I will gladly give you a spanking for making fun of me after I gave you a mind-blowing orgasm,” Ryley said without moving or looking at her.

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Lori King PicBest-selling author, Lori King, is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. Although she rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits; at heart she is a hopeless romantic. She spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. An admitted TV and book junkie, she can be found relaxing with a steamy story, or binging in an entire season of some show online. She gives her parents all the credit for her unique sense of humor and acceptance of all forms of love. There are no two loves alike, but you can love more than one with your whole heart.

With the motto: Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance, she will continue to write as long as you continue to read. Thank you for taking the time to indulge in a good Happily Ever After with her.

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