Dirty Farmer Blog Tour

Title: Dirty Farmer ( The Dirty Suburbs #6 )
Author: Cassie-Ann Miller 
Genre: RomCom


I’m a little hormonal right now.

Y’see, I found the ring at the bottom of his sock drawer, a modest diamond sitting on a thin, yellow gold band. But now 8 weeks later, it’s gone. He returned it and my once-devoted boyfriend is having second thoughts.

Did I mention that I’m pregnant?

Anyway, I had to get out of the city and I had nowhere else to go. So, I jumped in my car and headed to Reyfield, Illinois. Now I’m working for a grumpy cowboy who sets my hormones into overdrive.

Great. Just great.


I like to keep to myself. Just me and my farm. So when a chatty city girl shows up in search of work, I’m hesitant to hire. But with her adorable blond ringlets and her pretty pink lips, I can’t bring myself to say ‘no’.

And did I mention that she’s pregnant?

Anyway, I’ve got to keep my head on straight and ignore the way she sends my libido into overdrive, all while keeping this farm from plunging into bankruptcy.

Great. Just great.

“Dirty Farmer” is book six in the “Dirty Suburbs”, a series of full-length, stand-alone romantic comedies about the residents of small town Illinois.

He drags the skirt up over my ass, around my waist, revealing the slope of my belly. “Did you come here so I can fuck you, Lily?”
Tension builds at my apex. I’m aching to take him so deep inside of me. I moan. “Yes, I want that.”
His lips press against my hipbone. His stubble tickles me, stirring my nerve endings to life. “Are you sure about that? Because the way I feel about you, if I get you in my bed, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let you leave.”
I gasp. Why does that proposition appeal to me so much? Why do I want this big, wolfish man to take me and all my baggage and never let me go? “That’s what I want.”
Jakob rises slowly from the bed. He’s so tall that he towers over me, making me feel tiny and vulnerable in his shadow. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
The glow of the television is the only light in the room. It illuminates the raging lust in his eyes. Still, he’s tender. As tender as a big, gruff man like him can be. He tucks a golden curl behind my ear. His fingers are rough as pine cones as they graze my cheek. I shiver all over, wanting those big rough hands all over me.
I hold my breath as he leans down, pressing his mouth to mine, drawing my bottom lip between his teeth. “Last chance to back out, Lily,” he warns low in his throat.
I scoff quietly. “I can handle you, Jakob Wilkinson.”
I silently pray to god that’s true.
His lips stay on mine as he lifts my dress over my belly, up my chest. His massive paws cup my heaving breasts, massaging them roughly. His callouses grate against my bare nipples, provoking a sensation that arrows straight to my core.
I moan into his mouth, locking my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His tongue sweeps into my mouth, twisting up with mine. My pussy aches, drooling with desire that I can’t even control. He lifts my left leg, setting my foot on the mattress, and he grinds his sturdy erection against my throbbing clit. I hum as I rock my hips, trying to keep pace with Jakob’s movements.
“I need to have this pussy on me. I need to eat it again.” My dress tumbles back down as he slides my panties down my legs and I step out of them. He drops to mattress behind him, pulling me down on top of him. “Sit on my face, Lily. Let me get another taste.”

Cassie-Ann L. Miller writes steamy contemporary romance with a dash of angst and a sprinkle of humor. And if her toddler weren’t rebelling against his bedtime right now, she’d have a minute to write her author biography, too 😉


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