Playing for Keeps by Shiloh Walker

Title: Playing For Keeps

Author: Shiloh Walker

Re-Release Date: May 31st 2017

Genre: Contemporary Romance

When it comes to love, sometimes you have to break the


Jacob has always been part of Dana Cochran’s life. They’ve

lived next door to each other for years, they’ve dated on and off and now they

see each other through work. But their timing has just never been right, and

when Dana invites Jacob over to play with her and Mason Caldwell…things get


Doctor Jacob McCoy loves Dana. So much so, that he’s even

willing to share her with Mason Caldwell. But a red-hot threesome isn’t all

that Jacob wants from Dana. 

When tragedy strikes their fledging relationship, Jacob has

to convince Dana that pushing him away isn’t the answer. He wants to be in her

life forever. And some things are worth fighting for.

Warning: This title contains scenes of a woman being made

very happy by two hot men, and enough emotion to have you reaching for the



story has been previously published.

Includes a bonus story… FC: Riley



Horizon ~ Goodreads Review**


Walker holds true to her trademark style. Dana is satisfied and she is having a

blast playing her way. With two men in her life, what’s to complain about? However,

when the unthinkable happens will they both run away, will she need them or can

they all stand up and face the music that is life?

I laughed out loud at this book, I cried and I fell in love

with two protagonists that really deserve ever happiness that they can get.

Kudos to Ms. Walker, a wonderful read and a wonderful insight

into a little bit of her world.

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Playing for Keeps

Text Copyright © 2017 Shiloh


All Rights Reserved


love thunderstorms.”


knew that. She’d always loved thunderstorms, even when they’d been children and

other kids would run inside to hide. Dana’s parents would have to drag her in

out of the rain and watched her like crazy to make sure she didn’t slip backoutside.


a hand up her side, Mason steadied Dana on her feet before grinning in Jake’s

direction. “We were playing truth and dare.” There was a smirk in Mason’s eyes,

a look that made it more than clear that he knew what Jake was thinking, even

if Dana was blind to it.


barely, he managed to keep from sneering at Mason as he replied, “I stopped

playing games a long time ago.”


giggled and wiggled free from Mason’s arms again. “You should play more, Jake.”

She stumbled against him, braced her hands on his chest. Lifting her face to

him, she smiled and pressed her lips to his. “Wanna play with us?”


Reaching up, he closed his fingers over her upper arms, eased a few inches

between them. Hell, he’d play with her any day of the week if she’d stopped

seeing him as her friend, her old boyfriend from high school. “You look like

you’ve done enough playing for a while. How much have you had to drink?”


pursed her lips and cocked her head. “Two margaritas. One. Two.”


the jealous anger burning inside him, he had to laugh. “You’re such a cheap

drunk.” He slanted a look over her shoulder, met Mason’s gaze. “I take it

you’re not worried about the electricity being out.”


grinned. “We’re doing just fine.”


he let go of Dana’s arms but before he could leave, she threw her arms around

his neck. “Awww, don’t go, Jake.”


she kissed him.


full-on and hungry, she kissed him. Her breasts went flat against his chest,

her hands tangled in his hair and as rain pelted down around them, she just

about turned him into a raving madman. Quick, hungry kisses, soft, strong hands

pushed under his shirt and teased the skin of his back. Her soft belly cradled

his cock. She moaned into his mouth and then sank her teeth into his lower lip.

“Come on, Jake…play with us. Just while the storm lasts…I dare you.”


the storm lasts…


reached up and wrapped his fingers around her wrists, tugged them down. “Dana,

you’re drunk.”


poked her lip out in a sexy pout. “Not that drunk…I just want to play.” Her

gaze slid down, lingered on his cock, stiff as a poker and so damned hot and

hard he hurt with it. “You wanna play, too, Jake. I can tell.”


his gaze away from her face, he glared at Mason. “You want to give me a hand



shrugged, slid a hand down his chest. Rain continued to pour down on them in a

deluge, running in rivulets into their eyes. “She’s not drunk, McCoy. She had

two margaritas and the last one was before the storm started. A good

half-hour.” His bare feet were quiet on the grass as he came up behind them,

cuddling his front against Dana’s all-but-naked back.


soaking wet T-shirt she wore was no barrier at all. Not a barrier to the eyes,

or anything else. She pressed against him and through it, Jake could feel the

hot, hard tips of her nipples stabbing into his chest.


with us,” she whispered against his lips. She licked rain from his mouth and

slid her hands under his shirt, easing it up. 


Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a

kid… she fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked

her way up to the more…ah… serious vampire stories. She loves reading and

writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, but most all anything romantic.

Once upon a time, she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives

with her family in the Midwest. She also writes under the pen name J.C. Daniels.

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