The Tower


Title: The Tower (A Rapunzel Story) / Twisted Fairytale Anthology

Author: Jennifer Bene

Release Date: January 24th

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Kidnapped by a man that wants to destroy her and everything she loves.

Ripped from The Tower. Kidnapped. Will Rapunzel survive the darkness that awaits her?

This dark prince holds secrets to Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair’s past, but what will he take from her before she learns them?

Stolen from The Tower, will Rapunzel break under the torture that awaits her, or will she learn the dark secrets of her past?

Kidnapped and tortured for a dark purpose, will Rapunzel fall for her masked captor? #dark #fairytale @jbeneauthor


Rebecca ‘Rapunzel’ Sinclair has spent her entire life in The Tower. A forty-two story monument to her father’s tech company where she lives and works, trying to be worthy of Daniel Sinclair’s incredible legacy.

But while her father has kept her sheltered and safe, he has also made enemies, and when one of them rips Rapunzel from The Tower and takes her prisoner she is dropped into a nightmare of pain and pleasure.

There are secrets this damned prince knows, and a dangerous history behind his motivations. As her masked captor works to break her down will she be able to face the darkness in her past, and the dangerous desires she’s discovering inside herself? 


Jennifer Bene is an international bestselling author of romance and erotica who loves wine, hiking, whiskey, and keyboards – not necessarily in that order. She’s been writing for years, but it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological storylines. Whether it’s showing up in dark romance, BDSM, paranormal, ménage, or anything else she decides to venture into, it’s always got that touch of darkness. But, don’t worry, she also insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after! After all, without the dark, we’d never notice the light, now would we?




The Invitation

Security Binds Her (Thalia Book 1)

Striking a Balance (Thalia Book 2)

Salvaged by Love (Thalia Book 3)

Christmas at Purgatory (Thalia Extra #1)

Fae (Daughters of Eltera Book 1)

The Rite


Of Fog and Fire

Tara (Daughters of Eltera Book 2)

Taken by the Enemy

Lethal Sin (Dangerous Games Book 1)

Early Sins (Dangerous Games Book 0)

Black Light: Exposed





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Introduction Excerpt – short – PG-13

The television went black for a moment, and then a single scene played on the screen at normal speed. It was her father standing outside The Tower, speaking to a gathering of reporters. “My inspiration for what I do with Monarch Systems?” He chuckled, all charm and wit, blue eyes sparkling as he nodded at the microphones. “Well, I want a better world for my daughter. She’s my everything. Without her – I’d have nothing.”

The television clicked off and bright lights instantly flared to life from either side of the television, effectively blinding her. “Dammit!” She flinched, closing her eyes tight as she heard a door open somewhere to her left. It shut again, the sound heavy and metal. Rebecca tried to look, but the bright lights were impossible to see through.

Did you hear that, Rapunzel? You’re his everything.” The low voice was slowly moving behind her, and then a large hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed just enough to make her heart stumble over itself in an effort to speed up. “Tell me, how do you think he’s going to feel when he gets that video of what I did to you in your precious Tower?”

Fuck you,” she spat, and he yanked her head back, tilting her chin up so she could see the mask again.

I already fucked you, and you came like the little whore you are.”

She tried to struggle, but only rewarded herself with pain as the cuffs tore at her skin and his grip tightened further around her throat. “What do you want from me?” she whispered through the strain.

What do I want? I want your father to suffer. I want to see him ruined like he’s ruined the lives of so many others.” He grabbed her chin and forced her head back further, making her back arch painfully. “And you’re going to help me, Rapunzel.”

My name is Rebecca,” she hissed.

Oh, but daddy dearest always calls you Rapunzel, doesn’t he?” It sent a shudder through her that he knew that fact. How long had he been watching them? Watching her?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Don’t lie to me, I know everything, princess. Remember that. Now, you have a task to perform.” He let her go and she rolled her neck to ease the ache as tiny red dots sprang to life in the ceiling. One directly in front of her, two in the corners, and as she turned she saw they went all the way around. Every angle covered.

This can’t be happening.

The man stepped behind her again, leaning down to speak directly into her ear, “Go on, talk to him. Tell him how much you want to come home.”


Long – R

It stayed dark for hours, or at least it seemed to, her mind torturing her with imagined shadows. Each time her hair brushed her skin she jumped, whining into the empty space around her, shivering as her eyes started to play tricks. Flares of color that weren’t actually there, she knew they weren’t there. Nothing was there.

Eventually, she started to plead aloud. She begged in hoarse whispers for him to give her back just one camera light, anything real to focus on, apologized for speaking, apologized for shouting at him – but there was no answer.

No change. Just endless black.

After too much time in the dark, too much time where she was sure she would lose her mind, she heard the door unlock and beautiful, bright light flooded in. She wanted to run towards it, to bathe herself in the brightness, but then she saw the chain in his bare hands. Heard it shifting as link rubbed against link.

At some point she had stood up and taken a few steps towards him, hungry for the light in the hall, but now she was frozen. In the opposite corner of her safe spot, and he was simply staring at her from behind that damn mask. Her voice wobbled as he adjusted the chain in his grip. “Pl- please turn the lights back on?”

What will you do for me if I do?” The words sent a chill down her spine.

What do you want?” She took a tentative step back, and then he let the door shut. Darkness covered her again, only now it wasn’t just a random fear, an imagined shape in the black, now she knew the danger was real.

I want you to come here.” The chain jingled in his hand as he started to walk towards her, and panic raced through her as she staggered backwards until she hit the wall. His heavy footsteps moved quickly, but she darted past him out into the open space. He growled, a hint of his anger tainting his voice. “Come on, princess. Don’t you want the lights back on?”

Yes,” she answered and then ran, his footfalls moving to where she’d been. A low laugh rumbled out from him when he didn’t find her.

Come to me on your own and I won’t hurt you – much.” He started to pace the room, searching for her, but she stayed ahead. “But, if you make me catch you…”

Rebecca covered her mouth, trying to breathe as quietly as possible as she inched along the wall, taking careful steps. He was big and he made noise when he moved, and not just because of the chain he carried. Every bootfall, every breath seemed louder in the empty black.

Last chance.” His voice was closer than she’d expected and she had to hold her mouth shut so she wouldn’t scream as fear wound like icy vines down her spine. A part of her urged her to give in, to beg him not to hurt her, to simply submit, but that was the foolish, weak part – and there was no way in hell she’d listen. His movements were too close and she sped up, but with the next step her foot landed on one of the rings in the floor. A painful punch to the arch of her foot that made her stumble, drawing in a gasp as she scrambled to right herself.

Even as she covered her mouth, she knew it was too late. He’d already heard.

His massive form slammed into her, the breath leaving her lungs in a yelp. “NO!” She screamed, but he caught her arms as she tried to shove him back.

Weak. Pathetic. Stupid.

In a moment she was pinned between his hard body and the wall, and she screamed again, desperate to break away, but he ignored her struggles. “Do you like running from me, princess?” He nudged her hair out of the way as his lips ran down her neck. “Do you like it when I catch you? Is that why you shouted at me earlier?”

No,” she whined and tried to break his grip, but he tightened his hold until the fine bones of her wrists creaked, and he pulled them high above her head.

Oh, I think you do like it.” He adjusted until both her hands were captured in one of his, and the chain dropped loudly to the floor beside her. His touch was like a live wire over her skin, making her muscles jump as he traced a path down her neck, over the swell of her breast, and down her waist. “Does it make you wet knowing I can do anything I want with you right now?”

NO!” She shouted at him, but he growled and forced a knee between her thighs, spreading her until he could press her legs wide.

Really, princess? Let’s see.” He swiped at her slit, dragging damning moisture towards her clit just before he shoved two fingers inside her roughly. Struggling, she screamed through clenched teeth because she was wet. She knew it before he even started to laugh, his breath brushing over her cheek. “Desperate little whore, I know you better than you know yourself.”

You are a whore.

You should be terrified, not turned on.

There’s something broken in you, damaged, fucked up. Her own mind turned against her, a vicious little voice that was worse than the steady, sharp thrusts of his fingers.

Her pussy ached when he finally slid his fingers from her and then caught her chin, tracing her juices blindly over her lips. “Open up.”

With a violent twist Rebecca tried to break free, but his hips pinned her back to the wall and he dug his nails into the skin of her wrist. The hard press of his cock behind his pants was impossible to ignore and she whined, hating him, hating her body for betraying her like this.

He slapped her, the sting making her gasp before she clamped her jaw shut as he grabbed her chin again. “I said open up, slut. I want you to taste just how wet you are, I want you to lick it from my fingers, I want you to realize that this is all you’re good for.” When she tried to shake her head he dug his fingers into her cheeks, prying her mouth open. “You’re going to obey me, princess, but if you bite me? I’ll do things to your body you can’t even imagine.”

A shudder passed through her at his words, wishing once again that she were braver. Brave enough to bite down, to spit in his face even though she couldn’t see it.

There was no mercy in him as he pushed his fingers in slowly, testing her, and she whined as he forced them to the back of her tongue, making her gag. “Suck.”


Very long – Rated X

Turning she tried to kick at his leg, but he barely grunted and she screamed in frustration as she reached back to dig her nails into his bare hands. Air hissed between his teeth as she tore his skin, but it was pure victory when he released her and she scrambled backwards. Breathing heavily she took in his huge, broad form, knowing that another dash for the doors was useless. “What the fuck do you want from me? Why won’t you just tell me?”

Haven’t I made it clear?” He tilted that flat, expressionless mask as he looked down at her. “I want to use you to destroy him.”

I won’t let you. I’m done.”

You are so blind, Rapunzel.”

Stop calling me that!” The scream was a combination of all of her rage, her shame, her pain, but he used that moment to lunge forward and grab her arm, hauling her forcibly back into the room. Instead of throwing her to the floor though he turned and lifted her, pinning her to the wall, his body flush to hers.

Forcing a knee between her thighs, he spread her as she tried to push his chest back. “What bothers you so much, Rapunzel? That I call you that, or that daddy wanted to keep you his little princess forever?”

Fuck off!”

In an instant he cupped her ass and lifted her from the floor, his hips splitting her legs until she had no choice but to wrap them around his waist. The tingling hum at the base of her spine ushered a surge of shame through her system. She was not enjoying this, didn’t want this, she was not –

Tell me… if I touch you right now, will you be wet?” His voice was a low purr that amplified the sparkling heat inside her and she hated it, hated him, and hated most of all that it was true.

Let go of me.”

You’re wet. I know it. You always are for me.” The man leaned forward, brushing the mask across her shoulder as he nuzzled her neck. He took a deep breath against her skin, a groan escaping him as he pressed his hips forward, the growing hardness unmistakable. “You need it as much as I do, princess.”

For a moment her hands were still braced against his chest, trying uselessly to push him away, to ignore his words, but then a thought struck like lightning. Before the fear could stop her, she reached up and ripped the mask over his head in a single, fluid motion. Tawny brown eyes immediately went wide beneath sculpted dark brows. He had the features of an angel, too beautiful to be so evil. A seraph with high cheekbones, the faintest shadow of a beard covering his cheeks sloping towards lips that parted in shock. The mask hung at her side, gripped white-knuckle tight in shaking fingers, as his beautiful face contorted with rage.

He caught her by the throat, slamming her head back against the wall as he snarled. “What the fuck have you done?”

No more hiding,” she hissed at him, and his eyes danced over her face.

That’s what you want? You want to see me?” Releasing her throat he pulled her away from the wall, grabbing her hips, and he almost stumbled as he walked them both towards the mattress. Dropping her onto it he followed and pushed his way roughly between her thighs, miming a thrust. “You want this?”

No! I –”

Are you really going to try and lie to me right now?” His hand slipped between them, and an instant later he swept up her cleft. Soaking wet. Slick with the damning evidence of her twisted urges, and she cursed herself. Damaged, broken, wired wrong. Catching her legs he pushed her knees towards her chest and then spread her wide, sliding down until his shoulders held her open – and then he dragged his tongue through her wetness in a confident swipe.

Oh God.

The pure shock of it made her lift her hips. It had nothing to do with the tingling buzz at the base of her spine, or the way his thumbs dug into the tender flesh of her thighs to bare her completely for him. “Yes…” he groaned against her, the low vibration of his voice making her shiver, but all she could see was the tousle of dark hair atop his head as he started to devour her.

Please, stop! I don’t want this! I don’t want you! Stop!” Rebecca pleaded in desperation, because no matter what her mind thought, she knew what her body felt. Pleasure stormed through her like an invading army, pushing its way past her borders, starting a war inside that she was ill-equipped to win.

So. Many. Lies.” Each word was punctuated by a deviously long trace of his tongue that ended with a torturous flick over her clit. Just as she opened her mouth to beg for him to stop, he focused in on that bundle of nerves, sending her into gasping moans that cleared the words from her mind.

When she tried to arch her back, to lift her hips against him, he simply pressed her flat with the strength in his arms, pinning her exactly where he wanted her.

Why had she ever thought she could win?

He concentrated all his attentions on her clit until she was a whimpering mess. There was no relief from the constant, vibrant teases that had her on edge in minutes. In one moment he would bring her to the very brink until she thought there would be no way to hold back the pending orgasm, and then he would slow, lapping at her pussy in long strokes of his tongue that slowed her racing heart. She would ease back, slowly calming until she felt somewhat in control of her body again, and then he would take it back.

It was a twisted game, one that made it clear he could choose to satisfy, or ruin her, at his leisure. The various bruises across her front and back, around her wrists and ankles, were testament enough, but this taunting amusement of bringing her to the cliff, holding her over until her hips were bucking against her will, seeking completion, this was pure torture. Pure evil.

Tension coiled inside her, forcing her muscles to a painful tightness, and she couldn’t take it. “I want to come, please!” The plea leapt from her lips before she had even thought it through, and he looked up from between her thighs, his chin wet with her.

Say it again.” Spreading her further he held her knees painfully apart, straining the muscles as he leaned up. The hard outline of his erection was evident behind his boxers, at the bottom of his carved abs. Forced to look at him, she couldn’t make her tongue shape the words. With a low chuckle he moved up her body until he was rubbing himself slowly, deliberately against her, a wicked promise of completion as sparks lit their way up her spine. “Beg me.”

No.” Rebecca shook her head, whimpering as he started to rock. Teasingly slow, but he never got her close enough that she could push herself over with a shift of her hips, and after a moment she realized she was effectively grinding her clit against the hard ridge of his cock in desperation. “Damn you!”

I’m already damned, princess. Say it, and I’ll give you what you want.”

Oh God, I hate myself,” she confessed on a whisper as the arousal turned to fire in her blood, and he laughed, his lips tracing over her collarbone as he slowly rolled his hips above her in a mockery of what she needed.

Give in. Say it.”

She groaned, winding her hands in her hair to pull at it like she might reactivate the section of her brain that could still function. The part not drowning in this primal need to be overpowered, to be taken by this monster between her thighs.

If it helps, I kind of hate you too. But a hate fuck will still scratch the itch.” He grinned down at her, and the devilish smirk somehow undid her. There was nothing good in this situation, nothing redeemable, but somewhere in the chaos, the torture, the nightmare of it all – she’d lost the ability to care.

I want to come.”

And I want to fuck you,” he growled and moved against her.

Clenching her jaw tight she relaxed her thighs, letting his weight settle over her, and he nuzzled under her chin, his hands sliding up her sides to hold her arms gently above her head.

I want to hear you say it, princess.”

Say what?!” She snapped at him, bucking her hips up towards the hardness between her thighs still infuriatingly encased behind cloth, but he growled down at her. A wordless chastisement.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…” He nipped at her breast. “Say it or I’ll leave you high and dry. Well, high and very, very wet anyway.”

I can’t.” The words were a whine, and he laughed softly as his tongue traced her skin, his hips starting to pick up a rhythm that was more torment than pleasure.

Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to make you come, princess? Just nod for me.” It was exactly what she could have never said aloud and even though she cursed herself, hated her weakness, wished she could be noble and fierce like Judith – she nodded. A satisfied groan escaped his lips as he propped himself on an elbow to shove his boxers out of the way. She caught one glimpse of his hard shaft before she forced her eyes back towards the ceiling, not even fighting as he lined up and thrust hard.

Instantly, achingly full.

The gasp was half shame and half satisfaction, but he wasn’t waiting for a second invitation. He swung his hips back and slammed into her again, and again, and her hips met him every time. Low grunts of effort left his parted lips, but he nuzzled against her neck like a lover. His mouth tracing firebrands of nipping kisses over her skin, damning her with each thrilling pulse of pleasure from between her thighs.

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