The Demon’s Bears



This is the book I have been waiting for Brody’s and if anyone knows me I never read any m/m/m books but this one is a must. It took my breath away and I hope it has the same effect one you as it did with myself.

This is the story of how love changes everything…

Brody and his brother, Jayce, are the demon offspring of angelic parents. But when their parents disappear mysteriously, they spend their lives which turn into decades searching for them. But when the search becomes fraught with danger, Jayce makes a decision to leave his brother Brody in the care of a wolf pack which he trusts…… But he makes a massive mistake as these wolves are nothing but barbaric monsters, and Brody’s life is changed forever into a living hell filled with nothing but abuse bullying and neglect.

Landon and Elliot Damarin are bear shifters who have to desert their sleuth after they refuse to be forced into a mating see they don’t understand them at all. They believe that is up to fate to bring/find a mate for them, and they’ll wait forever for him if it is truly necessary. But luck is on their side when they find their new home Pine Falls, This is where they find acceptance as well as friendship and also where they will patiently wait for their mate.

Fate has plans for them…..

Fast forwarded a little when Brody is rescued from his hell hole past and is safe, he gets wrangled into travelling to Pine Falls to protect the Alpha’s mate, he could never ever have imagined how much his life would change. Not only does Brody find acceptance that he has so craved, but true friendship, and the loves of his life, but he also discovers he has a strength inside of him that he could never have dreamed he could possess.

This book is utterly brilliant it is packed full of raw emotions trials and tribulations and overall how Brody overcomes so much. Brody is such a sweet little demon as well as being powerful and very protective of his friends.

I want to share with everyone one of my favourite excerpts it shows so many emotions and love which I personally adored.

” “You’re a gift we won’t ever deserve,” Elliot said. “But undeserving or not, I’m never letting you go.” He held Brody with one strong arm, and tilted Brody’s head up with a finger under his chin. “I can’t believe the fates have blessed me with such a wonderful mate. If anyone’s not enough, it’s us. But you love us, and we love you, so that’s all that matters.”

Brody went to protest, but Elliot’s expression showed his absolute sincerity. He wasn’t fishing for compliments or trying to sweet talk Brody into bed. So, Brody thanked him for the compliment by kissing his mate and letting all his protective shields down so Elliot and Landon would know how much Brody loved him.

Landon growled softly, his elongated canines grazing down Brody’s neck as he kissed a path to his shoulder. “

Guess who cried reading Brody’s book…… yep me it truly grabbed my heart and my soul as well as my emotions which make this book such an amazing read. I don’t know how Miss Malkin does it time and time again she amazes me.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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