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Hi! Thank you so much for having us over on your blog today to discuss our Christmas box set, A Very Naughty Christmas!

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Here’s a couple of snippets from our box set.

Morganna Williams’ Story, Her Stern Doctor

Derek woke to the sun spilling happily across his face and down onto to Kendra’s relaxed features. Lord, she was pretty, with her dark hair, mussed from sleep, falling down over one eye.

When she opened them, they would be a beautiful bright blue, a pair of eyes he could happily gaze into for the rest of his life.

He just had to convince his stubborn little nurse that they belonged together. He knew he had her completely right now, but she was skittish and he had a sinking suspicion she would bolt on him at least once before he had her completely tamed to his hand.

He planned to use this forced time together to bind her to him sexually as much as possible. With that end goal in mind, he slid down her body and spread her wide. Using his fingers to open her labia and stretching them tight, he began to tongue the entrance to her vagina.

“What? Ooohoooo… oohhhooo… yes… oooohhooooo,” she cried, her back arching as she lifted her body to his mouth.

He pulled her lips even further apart, making her opening incredibly sensitive as his thumb began to stroke her clit in a circular motion while he played at the entrance to her core with hard lashes from the tip of his tongue.

Kendra suddenly gave a hoarse little wail and a gush of fluid shot straight into his mouth. Derek caught every bit of it, pleased he’d made her squirt. He licked every trace of it from her quivering slit, enjoying the little spasms and shudders still running through her body.

She began struggling to get away. “Did I just pee on you?” Kendra asked in a mortified voice.

Derek held her fast, grinning at her as he moved back up her body and slid into her with a smooth slow thrust. “No, baby, you squirted like the good girl you are,” he explained as he took her carefully, wanting to make her feel every inch of him and enjoying the way she groaned and her eyes rolled back a little at the pleasure of being filled.

“That’s never happened before,” she panted the words as he came to rest fully against her, then began an equally slow withdrawal.

“I plan to ensure it happens again and again,” he told her as he continued with his relentlessly slow pace.

“Harder… please… oooohooo, Derek… faster… please, you’re driving me insane!” Kendra cried, tossing her head restlessly as he kept her hovering on the edge of another orgasm.

“Good girls wait for their pleasure. Who’s in charge here?” he asked curiously, stopping his movements altogether and fighting back a grin at her frustrated moan.

“You are, I guess,” she said with a slight pout.

Derek’s eyebrows rose high. “Excuse me?” he asked before he pulled completely free, ignoring her pleading protest. “Someone needs a little lesson before we continue.”

“Noo… please don’t stop… you’re in charge… you’re in charge!” Kendra cried, trying to cling as he rose from the couch but he sat down and jerked her face down over his naked lap.

“Too late!” he said, slapping his hand hard across the lower part of her bottom to ensure every swat jolted her heated pussy. Again and again his hand fell; he watched as Kendra moaned and bucked her hips in obvious confusion. Clearly she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to spank her more or stop as the pleasure and the pain blended together.

Derek spanked her until her bottom was a bright scarlet and she gave a soft little sob of apology, then he lifted her to face him and brought her down hard, impaling her on his waiting cock.

Kendra came immediately, screaming his name as he powered up into her with several hard thrusts before succumbing to his own pleasure and shooting his heated seed deep inside her quivering body.

Sara Field’s Story, Her Kept Christmas


Her already warmed bottom tingled with anticipation.

“Did you spike the eggnog without my permission?”

His steady gaze caused her stomach to tie up in knots. She glanced down at his massive palms as he flexed his hands. She couldn’t even form the words to answer before he began to speak once again.

“Seems my naughty girl wants to earn a punishment, doesn’t she?”

His eyes darkened with mystery and she couldn’t help but feel incredibly aroused. Wetness pooled between her thighs and her clit pulsed in tune with her heart. She knew Eliot had darker desires and she’d only experienced a portion of them. She was both excited and nervous at the prospect of punishment, but a certain aspect of it was enthralling. Pressing her thighs together, she trembled and waited for what he would do next.

“We’re going to finish our dinner and then, I’m going to take you upstairs. You’re going to get punished like never before, little one.”

She couldn’t help but moan, completely turned on at the possibilities of experiencing what it really meant to be his submissive.

A Very Naughty Christmas’ Blurb

A Very Naughty Christmas is a five-book collection featuring brand-new holiday-themed titles from five best-selling spanking romance authors. It includes the following books:

Her Christmas Daddy, by Dinah McLeod

When Sara Schroder returns home from college to spend Christmas in the town where she grew up, it doesn’t take long for her reckless driving to get her in trouble. But police officer Alex Maxwell—the next-door neighbor she’s had a crush on for years—decides to handle the situation himself, and instead of being given a ticket Sara quickly finds herself over his knee with her bottom bare for the first spanking of her life.

Though the punishment leaves her deeply embarrassed, Sara cannot deny her arousal at being taken in hand so firmly by a man like Alex, and soon she is calling him daddy and delighting in his caring attention and his hard, dominant lovemaking. But can she learn to behave like a good little girl for him or will she spend the holidays with blushing cheeks and a bright red bottom?

Mistletoe Magic, by Maddie Taylor

Dixie Culbertson has seen more than enough heartbreak in her life, and as far as she is concerned, no man can be trusted. But when her old high school crush walks into the diner where she works, the desire she once felt for him is quickly rekindled.

Kyle Prescott has always regretted the misunderstanding that tore him and Dixie apart over a decade ago, but it will take more than just a kiss under the mistletoe to break down the walls she has built around her heart. He is determined to make things right, however, even if that means taking her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and claiming her so thoroughly that she is left with no doubt that she belongs to him.

Daddy’s Little Elf, by Meredith O’Reilly

When Chloe Carpenter’s husband, Drew, catches her sneaking away to work despite her promise to take time off to allow them to spend Christmas together, he doesn’t hesitate to bare his naughty wife’s bottom and spank her soundly.

After the punishment is over, Drew quickly reminds his little girl that her daddy will always take care of her, and soon Chloe is snuggling in his lap, drinking hot chocolate, and being given a bubble bath. But when he finds out the secret reason she was slipping off to work, will it make him as happy as she hopes?

Her Stern Doctor, by Morganna Williams

After she speaks rudely to Dr. Derek Malcom one time too many, young nurse Kendra Jacoby finds herself in his office at the end of her shift expecting to be fired. But the doctor has other plans, and soon the sassy girl is lying across his lap as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.

Kendra is burning with desire by the time the punishment is over, and being brought to a humiliating climax over Derek’s knee only increases her need for him to take her long and hard. But when a powerful winter storm leaves them snowed in together, what will his plans for the night include?

Kept for Christmas, by Sara Fields

After Raina LeBlanc shows up for a meeting unprepared because she was watching naughty videos late at night instead of working, she finds herself in trouble with Dr. Eliot Knight, her stern, handsome boss. He makes it clear that she is in need of strict discipline, and soon she is lying over his knee for a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

Though her helpless display of arousal during the punishment fills Raina with shame, she is both excited and comforted when Eliot takes her in his arms after it is over, and when he invites her to spend the upcoming Christmas holiday with him she happily agrees. But is she prepared to offer him the complete submission he demands?

Publisher’s Note: A Very Naughty Christmas includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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