Amber (Eminence Shifters 7)


Amber is book seven in the Eminence Shifter series even though you can read them as stand alone’s I do suggest reading them in order so you can get the full amazing effect of the storylines and the characters that Miss Malkin has so finely created for us.

I cannot believe we are on book seven already I am in utter awe of this author’s talent not only does she write books to make you crave for more she writes them so they deeply touch your heart and soul.

Mason Reeder, is a coyote shifter he hail’s from Nevada, but he meets his mate, Amber Liang, whilst he is investigating her sister Jade’s abduction. Mason has to fight his wants needs and his nature to leave Amber behind to complete a murder investigation, never once did he guess the world of pain he would subject her to whilst he is away.

Know Mason has returned once again to Eminence, he persuades his brothers, Dylan, Lucas, and Hudson, To come along with him, as well he knows Amber may well be their mate, too. Despite their utter joy in finding out, that she is their mate also, their past threaten is rearing its ugly head and is trying to keep them apart.

But until they begin to trust one another will their love finally grow.

In Mason’s absence, Amber has attracted the wrong kind of attention of the wrong kind of shifter, Tennyson Lansing, who does not rely on fate at all to find a mate. He’s chosen his own, and he’s set his eye’s on Amber.

Tennyson’s obsession with Amber sees him bartering the life of one of the pride to pay for a demonic alliance. The brothers discover these creatures of myth are not a myth at all and that they are very real as they fight for the life of their beautiful mate Amber.

This book had me on the edge of my seat throughout I think its one of the ones that have the most suspense in it and evilest bad guys to date. But on that note, it also has the things I love most about this series it has the family and friends that always stands by each other it has the ones you love the romance and the characters that seriously have your heart skipping a beat and of course one of my most favourite’s Brody.

Amber has gone through so much not only what happened to her sister but the utter heartbreak when Mason goes off to finish his case man she goes through allot and that is just at the start of the book. my heart literally was with her every single step of the way.

Mason,Dylan,Lucas and Hudson mama mia these guys for sure make your insides explode in love lust and romance……. just don’t ask me to choose a favourite as they were each unique they all have something I love about them and one thing’s for sure these hot-blooded hunks no how to get a readers attention and then some….. no wonder Amber could not resist them.

This is one my favourite excerpts because of the raw spellbinding passion it emotes to us the readers.

“So Finn just gave us this house?” Amber asked. She swallowed as desire coursed through her. She hadn’t needed the image of them all naked either. She wanted these men, badly, despite her side throbbing like a bitch. The throbbing of her clit was fast overtaking that pain, and having Dylan and Mason so close was a torturous temptation. She could have lost one of them. Fear was making her desperate to connect with them. Feel them inside her as deeply as possible.

“He said he’d been fixing it up and was going to rent it out. The last owner apparently left it to the pride when he passed away,” Mason said. He inhaled sharply, and in the next instant, Amber was straddling his lap as Mason plunged his tongue into her mouth.

His kiss was raw and hard, his hands gripping her hair and anchoring her to him. It was unnecessary, because Amber didn’t want to go anywhere. She moaned as she tangled her tongue with his, her passion breaking free at last.

“Jesus.” Lucas’s curse reached her ears as the truck came to a screeching halt.”

Did you melt…… I sure did

There are not many authors that can pull me into their books as quickly as Miss Malkin can not only that but I just know every book will melt my heart just a little bit more than the last one did.

My Heart Mind Body and Soul is forever lost to the amazing work writing and the world that this author creates.

Spellbinding series.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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