Payton’s Twin Trouble [Harmony Heat 2]


This is the second book in the amazing Harmony Heat series you can read this series out of order but personally, I’d say start with first.

This book is a BDSM Novel if that is not your cup of tea then this is not the book for you, but it sure is for me 🙂 lol.

I have been waiting for ages on this second book the first had my heart and my pulse racing and the second does even more… it makes panties disappear I tell you …. lol

For the past five years, Payton has been running from her feelings Towards The super handsome West twins. The constant state of utter arousal they have her in is completely wearing her down as well as her resistance for and to them, which only leaves her wanting them all the more.

Jordan West is so ready to get Payton to understand that she belongs to him and his brother, and he isn’t above using every single little trick in the book to get her to understand this. See Jordan knows Payton is the only woman that will ever fulfil their every fantasy.

Payton knows she cannot hold out for long and that giving into these desire’s and longings that she is feeling is inevitable. Finally being in one another’s arms is so much more than any of them could have ever expected, It’s magical Its pure unadulterated bliss.

Finding their way to one other has been a long and bumpy road, but this one is well worth it.

But just as these three are finding their paths towards a brighter future together Payton’s past pops up and finds her in their sleepy, little town and well just refuses to leave her alone.

But Payton will not go down without a fight and She’ll do whatever it takes to shake the shadows of her past because her men are her twin trouble and they are well worth the fight.

What an amazing book not only is it very well written it will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout, the characters are all so on point that you think there actually there in front of you for real not just in a book see you can imagine it all happening right in front of your eyes and I personally like to live my books and with this book you can do just that.

Payton is such a feisty character she is a firecracker she knows that she has been running she knows that the best thing aka Logan and Jordan are right in front of her its just it is hard to stop the running when hell is on your heels.

Logan and Jordan are twins yes but the know what they want and that’s their feisty firecracker Peyton and know she has stopped running they will do everything to persuade her to stay not only that but they will protect her with their own lives and nothing or no one will get what is theirs.

This is one of my favourite excerpts its the one that makes me feel the want the desire’s the utter heat from them.

“Being trapped by their arms and her clothes, she had no other choice but let them have their way with her. Payton knew all she had to do was say no and they would let her go. They would right her clothes and then leave the office.

She didn’t want to turn them away.

Her body was crying out for their touch. Her brain had stopped functioning. The sensations running through her body were all she could focus on. She gave herself up to their ministrations as she leaned back against Logan. She gave herself over to the feelings of raw desire and need that were passing through her body. A desire and need that was no longer a gentle hum, but a raging cry of desperation.”
Miss Saints is an awe inspiring writer she brings everything to her work,her books are electric they make me feel so much and need so much more.

Argh I so need more from this series asap I sure do hope Miss Saints is hard at work on book three cause if she not cough cough she sure does need to cause this is one needy fan.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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