I cannot believe this is the seventh book in the Eminence series. And they still keep me guessing and hoping and wondering and wanting the characters to have the best happily ever after ever…. which they always do as Miss Malkin writes the best books ever I am so amazed at how much love and work and time is put into this series it keeps me on my toes always and always makes me swoon and fall in love time and time again.

Mason Reeder, is a coyote shifter and he comes from Nevada when one day he unexpectantly happens upon his mate, Amber Liang, It happens whilst he is hard at work investigating her own sister Jade’s abduction.

But Mason doesn’t think properly and makes a huge mistake when he fights his true nature and he leaves his mate Amber behind so he can finish off and complete the murder investigation, never once did he ever guess the utter pain he would put her through.

When Mason comes back to Eminence, he makes sure that his brothers, Dylan, Lucas, and Hudson, come to, as he suspects that Amber may be their mate, too.

But whilst they are delighted in discovering that Amber is their mate, past mistakes and unresolved torments threaten to keep them all apart again. Not until they begin to trust one another can their love finally grow and blossom into something truly beautiful.

But In Mason’s absence, Amber attracts the attention of another cougar shifter, Tennyson Lansing, who doesn’t rely on fate alone to find a mate. He just chooses his own, whether they like it or not and he has chosen, Amber. Tennyson’s obsessed with Amber and it sees him bartering the life of one of the pride to pay for this demonic alliance.

The brothers soon discover that creatures of myth are o so real as they band together to fight for the life of their beautiful mate Amber.

Omg what a book I laughed I cried I swooned and fanned myself…… the emotions and love… omg roller coaster of amazingness ….. yes yes yes Miss Malkin has done it once again. A truly gifted and amazing author.

With each book, I see such a growth in not only the amazing worlds that Miss Malkin has written but to the stories the characters and even past ones she has written her stories Inspire me so much and I hope my reviews show it.

Out of all the characters and even an appearance of my favourite Brody, I completely fell for Hudson he called out to my heart as well as my soul he had such an essence about him one that made me want to hug him and tell him that everything will be ok he totally stole my book boyfriend heart. mind you I wouldn’t refuse the others either 😉 as all the men have such amazing qualities about them which makes them all just so perfect for Amber even if she doesn’t think so deep down they all know so.

Now Amber she is o so strong as well as smart and beautiful she has an inner fire burning inside her and not just from the mating pull, you just now that she is one strong woman that can take on the world… with a bit help from her gorgeous mates.

One of my Favourite parts of the book is near the beginning but it shows Hudson’s emotions and why I fell for him.

“He had a mate, and he was feeling thrilled and terrified. He was also confused as to whether it was possible to be both of those things at the same time. His mate was a small, porcelain-skinned woman, with long, black hair that was as soft as silk. She had pale green eyes that had shone with pain and confusion as she’d tried in vain to make sense of the confusing emotions the abundance of mating musk had stirred in her.”

If I can say one thing or convince one person to read this amazing series then I know I have done something well as all these books are outstanding and personally, I want everyone to read them see how amazing they and the writer are.

I only wish is that I could give this book more than a 5 as it deserves much much more.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books


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