Jade (Eminence Shifters 6)



As always Ashley Malkin transports you into her amazing world Eminence…. and we are on book six can you believe it. And now as each book comes out I get more and more involved and more and more impressed with how the writer is able to keep us wanting more and not only that giving us more than we could ever expect.

Jade Liang discovers that monsters are o so real when a psychotic crazed wolf shifter decides that she belongs to him and his pack. She is held captive and is tortured before a good samaritan frees her. Jade escapes but soon she falters and succumbs to her injuries.

Cougar shifters Asher, Barrett, Wes and Troy Pollock have all returned home to Eminence, they are there to train as soldiers for their pride. Their renewed bond as brothers is further strengthened when they discover that they share a mate, the beautiful, but unconscious, Jade Liang.

Utter rage fills them all at learning about their mate’s abuse especially when it’s revealed she has suffered at the hands of a shifter. They must all find a way to not only earn Jade’s trust but her love as well especially as they reveal that they are shifters, too. Through time and patience, they earn her trust, these four brothers lose their hearts to the lovely Jade. She now holds not only their fate in her small beautiful hands but there heart as well, because if they fail to keep her from this wolf that is determined to reclaim her, all their lives will be forfeit.

How amazing is this book …. like totally amazing Ashley Malkin is an amazing author she never fails to impress me, from the very first page to the last I was glued to my chair reading page after page of amazingness everything about Ashley books always draws me in.

I loved all the characters especially Jade how she suffers so much and is able to overcome everything to become a better person and to become a beloved mate to four extremely yummy shifter men.

And the guys omg can I just say yum yum yum over and over again… lol these four all having amazing qualities which make’s them such a great team and one thing’s for sure they all have the same priority in mind there lovely beautiful mate Jade to protect her love her and be with her forever.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when there being intimate and how Barrett expresses himself to Jade it’s just so beautiful and I hope you all agree as well.

“Barrett kissed Jade’s neck and turned her in his arms. “None of us has ever made love to our mate before, Jade. I’m sixty, in human years, and yet you can feel me trembling with nervous excitement just by having you in my arms.

“I can’t believe I’ve actually found you and you’ve accepted me as yours. You’re also the most amazing and beautiful woman on the planet. No one gets that lucky. But I have. I want our joining to be as wonderful and special for you as it for me. I want you to know what a miracle you are to me.”

“I know now, Barrett,” Jade said with a smile, wrapping her slim arms around his neck. “I don’t feel nervous anymore.”

Barrett’s cat roared in his mind and Barrett submitted to its driving need to make Jade his. He lowered his mouth to hers, gentle despite his desperation. Her lips were still sore. He would give her nothing but pleasure. Only ever pleasure.”

Swoon-worthy right!!! yes o yes I say and it conveys so much.

Another thing I love about this series is how the past characters are intertwined in to the story i just love having little updates of them.

O and I forgot to mention the baddie omg he made me want to scream and jump through the book all at the same time ooo he made my skin crawl.

This book is so much more than just a romance and just a menage story it is everything it holds you in the palm of your hand it takes you up and down on a roller coaster ride of love emotions ups and downs and unfolds into something utterly beautiful.

I am now anxiously waiting for the next book in the series….. I for one cannot wait i am super excited.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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