Interview With Model Dave Demaske


Today we have the honour of welcoming one of Cariad Books most Favourite Male Models Dave Demaske, I would Personally like too thank Dave for allowing us too share this awesome interview.

“Thank you for this wonderful spotlight opportunity. I really do appreciate it. I will answer your questions as best I can.”

1) I didn’t really make a conscious effort to become a model, I just love working out and then the modelling just came from there. A photographer noticed me after I liked one of his photos on Instagram and he checked up my selfies. Contacted me and asked me if I would like to shoot and I said sure.

2) I work out for at least 2 hrs every day for 7 days a week. I have a great workout buddy who pushes me on. When I am prepping for a shoot, I don’t have any cheat meals but when I don’t have a shoot coming up I love pizza and ice cream and have on occasion. But normally I eat the same diet daily with switching up veggies and meat. Normally high protein, low carb and healthy fats. Don’t drink soda or alcohol, breads, sugar and much processed food.

3) My first photo shoot was from the guy on Instagram in the Twin Cities and then an up and coming Wisconsin photog purely for my portfolio and their development. I did my big shoots with Eric Battershell, Furious Fotog (Golden Czermak), and Shauna Kruse on the Booksplash Author Cruise in February 2016. I got my first book cover within 2 weeks of returning home from the cruise. That cover, for Author Michelle McLoughney and with a picture by Shauna Kruse, will be released very soon. Now also working with new photog and friend Sean Cadigan.




4) Shooting with sea sickness on a very choppy ocean was unusual. Doing a towel shot, I basically moon Jamaica and another cruise ship being the balcony was glass. Also doing a bed shot, I was naked in bed with 6 other people in the room. But the worst was my first shoot after doing a milk pic with milk running out of my mouth down my chest. I got sick and threw up being it was whole milk.

5) Like I said earlier it was 2 weeks from date of shoot to getting my first cover. I have others planned so watch this space!!

6) When I am not modelling or working out, my day job is an accountant. Numbers are my thing!! I work for the State and have done for about 19 years. I would love to earn enough money to model full time!!

7) I think my favourite part of being a model has to be meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people. I have made true life long friends, friends I can’t imagine life without. This book world has accepted me and welcomed me with open arms and for this I am so very grateful.



8 ) Well, my first book is just about ready to be released, but not quite. So, I’m sure when it is, I’ll be scooping up a copy and seeing what exciting things my character has been up to. Can’t wait and of course seeing the cover!!!

9) I guess I came to modelling quite recently, but I have worked out all of my adult life, I have always enjoyed pushing myself in the gym.

10) In my down time, I love watching action hero TV shows, enjoying time with friends both online and in person. I love going to a farmers market on a Saturday morning and to the lakes around the city I live in. A good movie is good too. Enjoy sports and watching football, college and professional. Huge Wisconsin Badger and Green Bay Packer fan. Love to dance and do my cardio classes. I’m a certified turbo kick instructor.



11) My family are supportive and I’m sure they will be sharing my books with their friends when they are released!

12) One of the most surprising things I have learned as a model is being motivation for other people. Not just in modelling but in life and living a healthy life style. Beauty really comes from inside out. My Midwest values have taught me that. And people always say I’m down to earth and have a heart of gold.

13) I have a few favourite pictures, they are from the 3 photogs on Booksplash cruise. Those shoots were like a dream come true. It is proof that with hard work and dedication your dreams can come true.

14) My advice to someone wanting to become a model is too not be afraid to ask for help, to never give up and be genuine and humble. With hard work, everyone can reach for their dream. Said this before, reach for the moon and land amongst the stars.


15) I have a wonderful and supportive group of fans, who often comment on my posts with friendship and support. Without my fans, I am nothing in this industry, so I love and appreciate every single person who supports me.

16) My PA has told me numerous times that she will find it weird to see me as a character on the front of a book but I love thinking that readers will associate me with the fantastic characters created by some outstandingly talented authors.

17) As a kid I thought of being a banker being I loved counting my money from birthday gifts. So I majored in finance. Worked as a bank examiner, loan officer and now accountant. I guess you can say I made my dream come true. So now as the world starts to see me on book covers, my dream is to make a change in the world through modelling. If I can help one people reach their goal, I did my job as a role model to them. Thank you again for your support and this amazing opportunity. 




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Photo credits by Sean Cadigan Photography


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  1. Great interview Heidi, and fantastic answers Dave!


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