Playing Doctor


This book is just what the doctor ordered or should I say bookworm ordered Jan Meredith takes you on a whirl wind of utter sexiness.

One night I all Beth Roberts needs or is it….

When one of Beth Roberts fellow RN predicts that she will meet a tall, ripped, and totally lick-able stranger who will fulfil her every desire, she shrugs it all off. Given her tragic past and love life, Beth has no time or desire to become involved with any one again. But fate has other plans when she places the handsome doctor with the most devilish smile, she meets him at the wedding she is at helping her son, Will the chemistry exploding between them break through her walls?

Dr. Gabriel North has spent most of the last two years blaming himself for his wife’s untimely death. Having finally battled his way through all of the guilt and emotions he is finally able too overcome his inner demons, he is ready to move on. When he meets a beautiful nurse at his friend’s wedding, the attraction is instant and strong, Gabriel wastes no time at all in perusing her. One night with this amazing woman who makes him feel all alive and worthwhile will never be enough,

But can he gain Beth’s trust? this is sure going to take much more than just seduction…

What a fantastic read it has everything you want and more and in a novella that’s saying something, Jan Meredith is a brilliant writer she sure knows how too steam up your screens and warm your heart.

The characters are all very well written and stand out in the ways they should like Gabriel I felt his pain when he talked about his wife and his loss but that made him more human more real and loveable I like male characters too show there emotions. Now Beth she is a complicated lady she has allot of pain well heartbreak and these walls she has built well there cracking for the lovely dishy Doctor.

Fantastic read and one for you all too add to your TBR list.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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