Dominant Persuasions


When I heard that 12 amazing authors were going too be put in one amazing set I was overjoyed and seeing some new authors and some older authors that I fan girl over.

Dominant persuasions is a sinfully delicious read and I devoured it in one night.

Amy .J Hawthorne

All Ember wants is her man…. her perfect Dom.

All Royce wants is Ember, and with a little help of there friends Max and Beth and her handy dandy BDSM Matchmaking site everything is set in motion for the perfect match.

Both of there dreams are about too come true all the longing and wanting will be worth the wait and then some.

Will Ember fall for her perfect Dom?
Will Royce get his forever Sub?

A great story which sets about bringing two people together forever.

Bella Juarez

Marianna is bent on revenge on the person that killed her husband her love her Sub Luc, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and she will not stop till she gets it. Know that she has moved away from all the painful memories she can concentrate on the job at hand finding the Black Widow. she doesn’t expect too be strayed from her path or meet Lars who she is intrigued by from the get go.

Lars is or was a part of the Green Berets he is now home from his war torn duties and is suffering from the effects of it with PTSD. He would never have thought in his wildest dreams that he would take a job in a BDSM club…. after all its not his thing… Right?

Well until he clasps eyes on Marianna who happens too be a Domme, And someone that peaks his interests.

Will Lars find that he likes the lifestyle?
Will Marianna let go of her past and revenge or will something else change it altogether?

Daisy Philips

Maggie has a past of pain and abuse, Though not physical but just as much painful. She has somewhat put her past behind her and has found the perfect man, Her Fiancée Rick but she has a problem see she loves Rick but he is as Vanilla as they come…. or so she thinks.

Rick is far from Vanilla he has been hiding his true self his true dom ways, It has been three years now since he has let himself go, He has done this all for his Love Maggie see he just doesn’t want to scare her.

But one night changes it all, Naughty Maggie and Officer Rick makes everything spin on its axis and gives them both a push they need. And when an Invitation is offered up too them both too club Hades.

Will this change them? or will it be the making of them both?

I love Rick he is super sweet guy and Dom, how amazing is he giving up his lifestyle for Maggie.

And Maggie wow I have huge amount of respect for her she is super intelligent runs her business with her sister so well. she just had this aura about her that pulled me in.

Doris O Conner.

It’s Jacqui’s Birthday and she is home alone all down in the dumps until she gets a knock at her door. It’s her friend who is waving her magic wand and whisking her away for her big birthday surprise…. at a BDSM Club.

Lukas is beyond shocked too see his goody two shoes neighbour at the club, But he sure is glad that he is there too help introduce her in to the D/s world.

Such a great book super sexy and I loved how both characters stood out, and how they both had crushes on each other yet the held back.

” To echo my sir, I’ll have you any which way I can have you”

Jan Graham.

After a crazy divorce and a heap load of pain from her past Susan has finally got away, she is trying too like the new and some what improved her… but its just not working. She has this new job and is liking working with and around her brother that is until Blake comes along and his presence causes her too become an utter klutz.

Blake had seen Susan at her party and he sensed something about her that intrigued him, deep down he knew all she needed was a little time and some patience and he would get what he wants …. her, with a little help of Susan brother he has what he needs.

But is everything truly ok? is Susan ready for this all, too be owned body, heart and soul by her Dom.

Blake is an outstanding character he was by far my favourite he was so sweet sensual and o so sexy as well as being patient as can be. He didn’t give up on love or what he wanted and needed.

Susan is super tough yes she has painful 20s and an even worse marriage yet she keeps fighting on, I adored her brattiness and how she was able to overcome her pain with Blake by her side.

Julia Sykes.

Gwen works in a BDSM club she has put her past as a sub behind her… or so she thinks, see she has they eye of Damien he has approached her a few times but she has always refused him.

Damien may have been refused by Gwen but he will not give up on her, he knows she will be his, he will have her and when he does he will not let her go.

Gwen has this air about her she is scared and confused she wants too be Vanilla but she just cant. and there is a little matter of that o so sexy Dom after her.

I found Damien very edgy and rather hardcore he is every much in control especially in the club and behind closed doors. But deep down he has a heart of gold.

Juliet Braddock.

Maxine is a sub and a sub with a difference as she is engaged, she has her forever Dom/Sir Drew, he is her everything he had saved her.

Drew loves Maxine beyond anything in the world, yet he holds back sometimes he only does this as he cares so much about her. Drew is a Dom with a difference and one that has a pure heart.

I love love Drew he is such a sweet and honest caring man, he would give maxine the Moon and the stars if he could… and omg cute moment those kittens….

Maxine is a great sub but she has some in grained issues ones that Drew has done everything in his power too help with. what I loved about her is how she pushes Drew’s boundaries it was novel too see a sub do this.

Lori King.

Marley is a curious sort of woman and she wants too no more about BDSM so who better too ask than her friend Kellan…. well ask no nag more like it, till he finally gives in and lets her in too his club where she is in complete awe.

Lex hasn’t had a sub in years, he loves the lifestyle but he has no time after raising his daughter and all, That is until he spots Marley and everything changes.

Will Lex give in and take a newbie sub? Will Marley be able too go over too the dark side?
Will she truly be able too let herself go and open too someone and something new?

As always Lori Kings stories are a joy too read, I so loved Marley I connected with her on a deeper level, see she reminds me of myself, Lots of doubts and uncertainties and of course curiosity see she wants too try new things but just isn’t sure.

Lex is awesome he is deep but yet loving and that is the side you melt and fall in love with.

Melanie Zurlo.

After fifteen years of loving marriage and two kids later, the romance has gone and Trish is planning too cheat on Justin, he is not surprised but he will not let this happen.

He will give her what she wants and show her this fantasy can be there reality… together just them and no one else she is his and always will be. and then he will push her too tell him the reasons she wanted this in the first place.

Nicole Morgan.

Sophia had a hard breakup three years ago now and she met JT at the wrong time as she just wasnt her she was fragile and torn up.

JT is in a rut with his life see he has what he wants and life is good yes but boring, until the very woman who made his heart pond steps back in too his life. Things are about too look up and get better.

Will time be on their side? will they be able too make it together? especially know that Sophia is faced with it all, her biggest fears and her biggest temptation is one of the very same.

Raven McAllan.

Its Monsoon season and Caness is late out of work but yet she still manages too get side tracked by some amazing pieces in a shop window, there she meets Patrick.

Patrick has been waiting for Caness and little does she no that know is the right time for him too approach her, see he has let her get on with her life and establish a solid career as her brother had suggested too him. he has no idea what brought her too him and his shop but it must be fate… now nothing is holding him back she will be his.

Caness is a Brat she made me laugh and smile I very much liked that about her, saying that I liked her from the start there is a certain something to her that appeals too you.

Patrick he is right up my alley he is mysterious and sexy and that air about him is simply divine he is a man you want too sink your teeth in too.

Sherri Hayes.

A kinky get away for two budding BDSM enthusiast is just what Logan and Lily need, away from everything and everyone is just what they need.

See Lily is more up with the BDSM world and it is Logan that is new too it but he takes it all in his stride and learns the way of the lifestyle at a rate which surprises himself as he never thought he would be in too this.
This set of books is brilliant one book after another will leave you speechless, my personal favourites where Lori King, Raven Mcallan and Daisy Philips. Be sure too keep an extra pair of panties around or your man as this set of books will leave you on fire.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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