Bad Moon Rising


Mina Carter brings us a new and exciting story Bad Moon Rising its a thrilling and romantic read which will get your heart pumping and leave you at the edge of your seat, This may be a short book but it sure packs in allot of punch.

Beth has had this Tall, blond and sinfully handsome man tailing her for months. She has managed to stay one step ahead of him so far …

Beth Roark was born a warlock and after some unfortunate event she ends up being trained by a demon, a woman is not going to be put off her A game by a handsome face, not even when he so very nearly catches her on her last job, this is the job that will fund her retirement from her life of crime. Only one soul-destroying kiss and poof she disappears, but Sully is not that easy to get rid of If at all. And neither are the wolves who had first hired her to steal said item for them… now they want her dead..

Alex Sullivan is a Were-lion and he is the best at his job of tracking people who do not want to be found, but even with his years on the job and the skills he has acquired, bringing in the antiquities thief also known as ‘The Cat’ is proving to be well…difficult to say the least. She’s very good at not being caught.

When he finally gets the right information he needs to find her, he realizes why he wants too find her so much, She is his mate and a magic user as well. But there is one huge problem, the people who own the artefact she stole want it back… and well her dead.

He has to find her before they do, or he is risking losing his mate before he can truly make her his forever…

I loved this book the beginning was so different it captures you it lures you in wanting too no more and to see what’s going on and the author does an amazing job of this.

Beth is an amazing character she has gone through so much in her young life already, she has seen way too much experienced allot of highs as well as low. I found her to be a very likeable lady as ell as very daring after all she is a thief but she has the biggest heart that needs too let someone in.

Sully oooo I loved him form the very start he was intriguing and had me on the edge of my seat as he persuade “The Cat” he was relentless and cunning in his pursuit of her and his use of others to help him was brilliant I loved his conversation with his work friend it made me grin.

My favourite part well mmm I am naughty but super nice lol I loved the intimate scenes they were so primal.

Ooo the White Wolf man she is all kinds of scary……

A great read one which I found super exciting and I am super eager for more.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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