Keeping Her Safe


Rayne O’ Gara is one my all time favourite authors she is an amazing author as well as that she knows how too capture the hearts of many and get your heart rate pumping.

This is book two of the Landcaster Brothers series you can read as a standalone but i urge you to read them in order you will get the characters even more that way.

Clair is on the run from her abusive ex boyfriend, She knows if he catches up with her, she will die at his hands. so she runs to the one and only person she knows who will do everything in her power to help her, Hailey is her only friend that she has left, and know Hailey’s fierce but protective fiancé, Mark Landcaster. They soon realise she cannot stay with them she needs too go somewhere safer they take her of too the most unlikely protectors who will keep her safe and sound where Clair ex cannot find her.

Slade Landcaster has better things to do in his life other than babysitting some scared little mouse, but he will as long as she stays the hell out of his way then they will get along just fine. As well as that he has his room mate, Hunter, along for this ride as well, they will protect this scared abused curvaceous beauty that was pushed into their very care.

With Clair running from one man, how is she truly supposed to feel safe especially with these two hulking giants they call men? But the big question is why o why does she have deep rooted desire for them instead of fearing them?

As she begins the steady process of healing and spending more and more time with Slade and Hunter, she just may be finding herself in a spot of trouble again….. but this time it will be losing her heart and her soul to the two men that are protecting her.

Do they feel the same about her? or is she just a nuisance to them an unwanted house guest that they are playing with and just keeping safe until her abuser is gone forever?

arrrghhh I want to scream from the rooftops how amazing this book is, it is so different than what I thought it would be, it is so much more intense, so much emotions so much love and intimacy and a crazy abuser all mixed up in to one to make this spectacular book. How does the author do it I do not know but I do know its all spectacular.

So the characters are so easy to fall in love with they each have there own quirks that you either love or hate…. and there overall persona’s well each of them are so amazingly well put together in such a way that you can live everything with them bit by bit every step of the way you are with them.

Clair is a scarred emotionally and physically she has been abused for way too long she now has her life under her own control she is slowly building it back up again with the help of her friends and her two hulking protectors. Clair as a character really struck a cord with me she was the one I was routing for the one I wanted to have the happily ever after that she truly deserved and the one that had me laughing out loud.

Slade and Hunter mmmmm two seriously yummy characters both tough nuts both have secrets and pasts that not many would understand. But these two both have soft sides buried deep inside of them and the little mouse is getting too them day by day she is creeping in to not only there lives but there hearts . They both balance one another out as well as the fact they like too share there women….. they come in a pair.

My most favourite scene in the book has too be when Clair has one too many drinks and goes exploring and she finds this hidden film this film is not only enlightening and brings forth many a question too her but it also helps Clair drop her guard just a bit too let them both in. this scene was so funny it made me laugh out loud literally I just loved how she blurted things out it was brilliant and another reason why the author is my favourite.

So many moments and bits I loved that I want to tell you about but…. no spoilers I am telling you do not miss out on this series it will have you on the edge of your seats.

Bring on the next book please …. I totally wana be sandwiched between smoking hot sexy men like these.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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