The Cowbear’s Curvy Valentine


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back with the fifth instalment to Liv Brywood’s wonderful Curvy Bear Ranch series this book is so romantic and sweet and has the edge of suspense and angst.

After loses a big trial as well as her job as a lawyer Abigail Holt flees the merciless press in Dallas. She leaves with the clothes on her back, she gets in her car and drives of not knowing where she will end up, She finds the small town of West Yellowstone. It is the perfect place to hide out for a little while, And of course evaluate how she is going to move forward with her life, will it change for the best? Or will she go back to her normal.

The Curvy Bear Ranch is the perfect quiet retreat. But it all changes when she meets the handsome Cody Grant, he is tall and incredibly sexy cowboy with heated bedroom eyes and a mouth watering six-pack, she has too wonder whether she is headed for another utter disaster or not. She has no idea that this man she craves is hiding something…. a big, furry secret.

When Cody meets the beautiful Abby, her luscious curves set his whole body on fire he cannot believe how much he wants her, And his bear agrees with him he cannot wait to get his paws on her and claim her as there mate, but Cody just isn’t ready to commit too anyone especially not a woman. And he is for sure not interested in dating another broken woman. Considering his last, doomed relationship. He agrees to Abby’s no-strings-attached plan.

But after they have one explosive night together, he changes his mind he knows knows that his bear was right. And with that in mind now he has a new plan and he will do whatever it takes to convince his fated mate that they belong together forever.

Cody is very very convincing to say the least….

Another great instalment from Liv Brywood and as always her characters are spot on her plot is brilliant and we are taken on an amazing journey from drama too lust and love.

Cody is a charmer he has had some issues in the past which has changed the way he thinks especially about relationships even with his brothers falling like flies for there fated mates he knows he will never fall again, well that is until he stumbles on Abby and one look at her he is a goner. I love Cody his charm his suave his beauty that radiates inside and out is just outstanding.

Abby wow she is in a world of conflict and inner trouble she is a strong character with flaws just like any of us but all she needs is some time away from everyone to clear her head and think about her future but her future is about to change in the form of the sinfully handsome Cody I just love how when she first meets him she wants too eat him up like a lollipop lol I wanted too do the same thing as her, I adore how the author brings forth Abby conflict with her job its so well done.

My favourite scene of all has too be when Cody gives Abby the sweetest present he is such a romantic it made me swoon.

I cannot wait for the next book is this series I for one never want it too end.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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