A Bear’s Nemesis


**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**
Talk about opposites attracting. Julius is a lawyer and his mate, Hudson, is a mechanic and formerly a member of a gang. Hudson was on a very dangerous path until he and Julius found each other and he knows Julius saved him. They’re happy with their mating as a couple, yet also yearn to complete their triad, and they meet her in the last place they would’ve ever expected, plus her beliefs are the exact opposite of theirs. Can they see eye to eye on anything?
Quinn works for her family business. No problem, right? A lot of people do this on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this business isn’t a bookstore, restaurant, or anything remotely resembling a normal career. Quinn’s parents are anti-shifter, as in “How dare they breathe the same air I do.” anti-shifter. They have a serious case of the hates for those who aren’t human. They’ve lost their son due to their beliefs. Oh no, he’s alive. He just started thinking for himself and left the crazy, which not only led to his parents denying he even existed, but also left Quinn surrounded by the insanity of hatred without him there to balance it out with realistic thinking. Her whole life Quinn has essentially been brainwashed to believe shifters are sex craved monsters and their depravity is limitless. What will it take to see the error of her parents’ ways?
Julius, in a lawyer capacity, Hudson, pushing for equal rights, and Quinn, against equal rights, are all in the same location…the courthouse. Julius and Quinn lock eyes and they’re both of a “Well, hello there.” mindset. Ooh, fireworks are happening as they eyeball each other. Swoon. Umm, no. Those are gunshots. Take cover people! Julius instantly takes Quinn to the floor (sounds like the start of a sex scene, but alas, it’s not. LOL) and protects her with his body. You rock, Julius! After everything has calmed down and the shooting stops, Quinn is reunited with her family (Psst…no one in her family or group tried to keep her safe. Phooey on them.) and Julius and Hudson seek each other out and quickly confirm they’re both okay.(Yeah, the confirmation involved some kissing.) While Quinn is watching them and seeing their obvious love for each other, her parents let their hate flag fly and start spewing forth insults.
Of course, Quinn’s parents use this as an opportunity to go after Julius. Who cares that he risked himself to save their daughter, right? Oh no, they eagerly jump on ways they can use this to suit their agenda. *cough cough losers* Thankfully, there is some good that comes as a result of her evil parents and their machinations. Quinn starts to see that they are crazy, delusionally so, and that everything she was told has been a lie. Shifters, all though not fully human, are still people too. They love, they laugh, they hurt, and maybe they’ll forgive too. Quinn is determined to find out and wants to apologize to Julius and Hudson for her previous behavior and for the mess her parents tried to create for Julius.
Now Quinn has an entirely new outlook on life, reconnects with her brother, enjoys getting to know Hudson and Julius better *eye waggle*, and is adjusting to learning she’s the missing piece of Julius and Hudson’s triad. Yes, they were happy without her, but they were also incomplete. They all need each other.
As if navigating a new relationship, let alone a triad, isn’t hard enough on its own, they also need to keep each other safe because Quinn’s parents aren’t done drinking or passing around the hate Kool-Aid. Others have sipped from that tainted brew and decide something needs to be done. Silly idiots. Don’t they know they aren’t going to win? The good guys always win in the books. Oh well, let them try.
If you like short stories, full of love, sexy times, suspense, and paranormal characteristics, you’ll like this book and this whole series. While reading the stories in order isn’t required, I do suggest it as they’re great stories and the main characters of each book are all connected in some way.
**4 out of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books.**
Reviewed By Elizabeth E. Neal

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