The Cowbear’s Curvy Christmas



I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is the second book in Curvy Bear Ranch series and in my eyes and my heart this one is the best one so far, It had me hooked from the very beginning to the end and of course I wanted more. Liv Brywood is such an amazing writer.

Madison Collins is a Jilted bride and she is in need of a quiet place to lay low from a horrible pre-wedding scandal. After a drunk fuelled hot night in the arms of the most sexiest cowboy ever, Madison is feeling awful and has a hangover from hell and on top of that she is so terribly unprepared for this job interview that she has at the Curvy Bear Ranch.

But Madison is even more unprepared than she could have known… she soon see’s this when she arrives at the remote Montana ranch, she just knows she’s bitten of more than she could chew. and if that not enough the rugged owner, Mack Grant, is the very same cowboy who had turned her into a molten quivering, moaning wild wreck that previous night.

Mack knows that it’s a giant no no to go near the new employee, but he just can’t stop thinking about her luscious curvaceous body and the way that she had melted so beautifully in his arms.

Madison has fudged her reference a tad and when she very nearly burns down the B&B he knows that his sheer attraction to her may well be the only thing that is keeping him from firing her right there on the spot.

But things soon change when her ex-fiancée just shows up on there doorstep and he is intent on causing pain and hurting her, Mack just couldn’t contain his bear any longer. And now with his huge furry secret now out in the open for her too see, will Madison ever be able to see past his differences and worm her way into his heart?

Will the magic of Christmas be on his side? Mack will not stop he will do whatever it takes to claim his fated mate.

A beautiful sexy romantic tale of two totally different people finding love in the most unusual of ways and circumstances. This book is packed full of everything and more that you need in this stunning tale.

Mack is a character and a half he has this cockiness about him which soon morphs in to something else…. Love. I don’t think even he expected to find his mate this way let alone for her to work for him and his family. Mack is such a man’s man he is hard as steel but soft as a teddy bear on the inside I totally swoon over him.

Madison she is such a brave lady she gets a nasty shock right before her wedding then she meets Mack and is blown away man she is on one heck of a roller coaster ride and then some. But one things for sure she is a lady that can handle everything that is thrown her way even a furry bear….

I love this book my most favourite bit is when Madison attempts too cook and very nearly burns the house down, it totally made me giggle how she bluffs her way out of it.

I cannot wait too see what’s in store for our next handsome bear.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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