Chloe’s Double Draw


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Fiona Archer books are a dream too read from the very first page I felt deeply in love and lust with the book the style of writing and o yeah the characters too. This was the first ever book I have read by her and I no for sure that she is a first class writer.

Chloe Morgan has fled all the way to King’s Bluff, Wyoming, so she can start a new life for herself. She has a past which haunts her every waking moment, But this shy timid schoolteacher has too make a bold choice. She can decide too hide away and protect her secrets forever or embrace this new found acceptance of the small loving community.

Noah King and Flynn Taylor have travelled the world seen some good and awful things as members of Australia’s elite SAS. They have more than earned there battle wounds and scars, both inside and on the out. Now as powerful influencers in there town of King’s Bluff, which was founded by Noah’s ancestors, the men have made there haven at the ranch that Noah had inherited.

Just one look at Chloe convinces Noah and Flynn that she is more that worth pursuing. But will Introducing her to BDSM and there ménage lifestyle be accepted by her as it is by the town? It is going to be a hard sell. She is a scared, skittish woman and keeps refusing their advances.

As these two Doms are fighting the good fight to not only gain her trust but her love, Chloe’s past catches up on them, threatening their very future together. When this crazy arse man who is obsessed with her, Finally catches up with Chloe nobody could have ever dreamed how high the stakes would go.

Will there love survive even the harshest of times? Or will crazy win again?

I am truly obsessed with Fiona Archer like seriously hard this is one of the best ever first books in a series I have ever read, ever single word pounced of the pages at me I felt everything the characters where feeling I went through all stages of emotion and all stages of fanning myself from the sheer heat of there love and intimacy, I do not no how she does it but Fiona I bow down to you, you have a new fan for life hear.

The characters in this book as well as the supporting characters are beyond amazing I learnt so much.

Chloe is so bright and caring but for sure she is no one’s door mat, she has a mind of her own and friends that truly care and back her up when times get rough, what I adore about Chloe well how her she acts all the way through she is not bratty like some characters iv read in books in the past, she is very real, and as I have said above we the readers go through everything with her its so real so vivid so beautiful. Chloe blossoms in the hands of her Dom’s.

Noah and Flynn are truly awesome characters as well as being sinfully handsome and hard as steel they are both Dom’s there smart as whips and both completely and utterly in love with Chloe, this new found love blossoms in to something much more raw, passionate something of the forever kind. But whilst they are focused on Chloe that they neglect the fact that they also have a past of their own and some demons they need to battle once and for all and leave them in the past to have a brighter future together as three. I just love the way the characters work so well together.

This book has seriously had me on a roller coaster ride at times I laughed out loud other times I was on the edge of my seat feeling the tears drip slowly from my eyes.

There were several quotes from this book that I have written down but the one that gets me is “Owww. That hurt, you freaking vegeminte-eating bastard!” see serious laugh out loud mind you I shudder at the thought at eating Vegemite ugh….

This is my favourite excerpt from the book it stood out to me so much I hope you can all see why.

“Let’s clarify a couple of things. We don’t have a scheme to date you. We have an absolute commitment to make you our woman.” He ignored her sharp intake of breath. “As for tactics, we’ll use whatever’s necessary, barring anything that would cause you actual physical or mental harm, to achieve our goal. That includes asking a friend to ring us when you’re in his diner for your regular Saturday morning breakfast. You should know we have a lot of friends in this town and we’re not above calling in favours.”

Flynn sipped his coffee and leaned back against the booth.

“Luv, I’m guessing you don’t know the motto of the Special Air Services Regiment. It’s ‘Who Dares Wins.’ Never underestimate the thrill of the chase. You can run all over town, but eventually we’ll catch you.”

swoon man I so want to live in King’s Bluff.

I can so sense more amazing stories that will hopefully soon be in my greedy book loving hands I hate waiting I do especially as I no just how amazing they are.

Miss Archer is a magician she has forever weaved a spell on my heart.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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