Enticing Their Mate


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is one my most favourite series ever Pack wars I cant believe that Vella Day has written six of them now the mind boggles at how amazing a writer she is, Vella Day transports you in to her world and I no for one I never want to leave.

Sarah Osmond is a FBI operative, she has a very important job to do, well really its a mission to help save the lives of ten captive women from the evil Colter leader, Paul Statler. General Armand has sent in more back up in the forms of Jay Wagner and Riley Bishop, as soon as she meets them she’s so drawn to both of them in such a way its undeniable, she will not let lust get in the way for her to compromise her mission. But having wildly hot, passionate sex with them is one thing which well she is down for, but falling for these men is another.

Riley grew up in foster care, and doesn’t trust many people if at all, but everything soon starts to change when he meets Sarah, he denies that she is his mate up until the intense werewolf mating call pulls him in and threatens to ruin everything.

Jay Wagner, used to work undercover at Statler’s firm, Know there back fighting Statler again Jay is frustrated as hell as he has to keep his distance from all of the action just in case, and it keeps him from Sarah, who happens to be his mate also. Not only is he going to bring down this evil hated man, he has to convince Riley and Sarah that they need to surrender to their desires in order for all three of them to be together forever.

But Statler has other plans for her?

Will good triumph of evil?

Will They be able to get the Happily Ever After they all deserve or will this new found trio love go up in smoke.

Wow This book sure packs a punch, Look no further than Vella Day’s Pack wars series they are incredible and this one is the same, Jam packed full of action lots of surprises and some incredible hot intimate scenes that will steam up your screens.

The characters are all superbly written and I truly found it hard too choose who my favourite was on one side its Riley he is tough has a world of hurt from his past but then he has the possibilities too love so hard, he has a yummy protective streak that would make any woman quake in desire. And Jay well yes he is serious just like Riley and has many of the same qualities but he recognises love when it comes to him he knows that Sarah is the one that will forever tie them together who will love them unlike anyone ever has. Can you see my dilemma how am I suppose to choose this is how amazing Vella Day is.

Now Sarah is a different matter she works so hard undercover and in such a volatile dangerous situation, she will stop at nothing to save these women, and that’s what she sets about doing, Sarah is such a brave lady how she manages not to punch the heck out of Statler or kill him from the get go is beyond me she has a sense of patience and a kick butt attitude that will have you routing for her right from the beginning, one thing I adore about her how she took too ménage intimacy it was so different than what you normally read but I found it o so refreshing.

And the fighting scenes man I so got blood thirsty….. especially when Statler and General Armand are fighting I found myself shouting encouragement like he could really hear me…. I am such a bookworm I no not many can understand this but a true bookworm knows that when this happens the author is that good.

One Thing I totally adore about Vella Day is how she can have allot going on In her books but nothing is left unsaid she ties everything up so masterfully.

I cannot wait for the next in this wonderful action pact series.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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