Irrevocably Claimed


I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

When I first caught glimpse of all these books bundled in too one I was really excited and it helped that one of my all time favourite authors Lori King was one of the authors amongst this set. But too me it was hit and miss I loved some of the stories and didn’t like others especially F/F books I thought they were wrongly placed in this box set.

My review is based on my 2 Favourites that made the whole set and made me give a higher rating.


Claire Vanderling is middle age and feels like she doesn’t have anything to show for it. She is the manager of an extremely prosperous art gallery, she is a hard worker, but as for her personal life well she doesn’t have one at all. Her shining star is her son, Thomas, he has graduated college and is just about to start up a new IT company in Japan with his best friend.

She is sad that she might not see her baby boy for six long months, so she decides to arrange for them both to have one more family trip to the beach home they both always loved in the Hamptons. But when her son’s best friend shows up instead of its a pleasant surprise, she finds that this is becoming way more than a simple vacation.

she soon discovers a passion that has been buried way inside of her for too long.

Jacob Tanner is beyond excited to be starting up a new company with his best friend. He wants to go straight to Japan to get settled in and started asap, but his friend Tom persuades him that they should spend time this summer with Tom’s mother.

Jacob had met Claire once before whilst he and Tom were still in school. When he sees her again, he cannot believe it is her he is surprised to find that she is simply stunning and he cannot tare his eyes away her.

How had he never realized how utterly stunning Claire was?

Now as passion and desire and quickly ignites between them the full furry of this is unleashed, will they give in to this passionate fury of desire? or will it all come crashing to an end?

This is the first book I have read by KD Jones whilst I am very familiar with her work I just never got around to getting one of her books now I no I need them all, Miss Jones has such a class about her writing, she has mad skills to be able to produce such a fantastic story in a short allotted space. The characters Jacob and Claire were spot on, it was such a different but worthy and extremely sexy romance.

Ashley Gahl had lost her virginity in a whirlwind of sheer passion after a night of celebration. And ever since Tanner Lake has haunted her dreams.

One-night flings are just not suitable for relationships, so she has decided to pretend that it just never happened at all, only he has reappeared in to her life, and has thrown all of her laid out plans into a flurry of disarray.

And know to her utter horror he is becoming a permanent fixture in her world as she knows it …. he is going to be her new stepbrother…. she knows in her heart that she should just put their hot passionate past behind her after all it was only one night right? she can get over it? but she has found that she is craving him more and more as each minute passes as each hour goes by and she gets to no the real Tanner.

Is she really ready for this whirlwind?

Will she see Tanner for what he truly is?

Omg I wish this story was full length… as always Lori King has put her magic touch in to this story she has made all her characters come alive. it was so easy to follow so hot to read and simply stunning exactly what I get from every book that Miss King writes. Talented heck yes she is and then some. I totally learnt allot from this book and that we really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or should I say a bartender.

Tanner was the one I connected with he was utterly incredible so sweet loving yes he was angry that Ashley just up and left him but he has such a compassionate nature that his true self comes through even more. especially I will say in the boating scene…. so sweet so amazing I want me a Tanner in my life.

I also very much liked the first story in this box set it was hot as hades but it lacked the proper romance the happily ever after that I craved but I will say that Sherri Hayes writes very well.

Only criticism I have with this box set is the F/F stories I wish whoever that chose them to be in there hadn’t.

4 Out Of 5 From Cariad Books

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