I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

We are back again in Eminence … finally I say 🙂 I so missed this wonderful town so much its seriously the place I want to live in. As Always Ashley brings us everything and more in one book you find yourself getting pulled right on in you think to yourself just one more page just one more page and bam your finished before you even realise it. Hold on to your seats as Ashley takes you on a magical ride.

Morgan Trent has been on a mission for the truth and the identity of her birth parents she has been searching for years more so after her adoptive mother passed away. When she finally comes across who she really is after long hard meticulous searching, This brings her both unexpected joy and grave danger.

Ben and Cameron Harvey live a relatively quiet life in Eminence as well as being cougar shifters, They have been sent on a mission to Michigan to see what this new threat to their new pride mate, Bethany Reed. But what they find is something even more something amazing…. their mate, and she is battered, bruised and bloody from an attempted kidnapping.

Evan Harvey has returned to Eminence as a hardened retired navy seal, he has come home to train the new soldiers for his pride, But he soon discovers he has a mate she is something that he never dreamed he would get or be worthy of having.

Know Ben, Cameron, and Evan have to try and explain their true nature as shifters to their very human mate, But there love is set too be rocky as there enemy has followed them back to Eminence. This enemy has proven to be so evil that the men reach out ans ask for more assistance from their former pride in Pine Falls.

As this new and dangerous threat comes upon both Morgan and Bethany’s lives its realized just how much that the entire pride is going to be needed to battle this new enemy with all of there great strength and numbers.

What will happen to this newly found relationship? Will they get there Happily ever after or will this new threat be too much for them all.

Ashley Malkin has out done herself again she has had me by the seat of me pants and then some I was totally lost and totally in love, her talent is unlike other she has such an amazing way with words you totally live and breathe every single thing she writes. Not to mention the characters and past characters from Eminence and Pine Falls. I cannot state any more how much I love her books.

Morgan is a bit of a geek well no she is one she has a ton of skills especially when it involves being in front of her computer she can do it all, but now she has a new mission to find her family and what the mystery surrounding it is all about, She sets of a one heck of a Journey where she discovers a lot more than just information and a sister she finds the loves of her life, with three of the most incredibly gorgeous patient sexy men ever ….. her forever soul mates. Morgan as a character and the lead Heroine I find her so brave she takes too this challenge with such gusto and yes at times she has her moments but she is human after all and well a women and our emotions can get to the best of us at times. what I adore about her is how she embraces having a sister and how instantly they have this connection this forever bond.

Ben, Cameron and Evan three completely different guys with a mission to protect there pride and Bethany, but things all change when Ben and Cameron find amongst chaos there mate they are beyond ecstatic and rather relieved even though they have found her bruised and bloody there instincts take over straight away they go in to protective mode they no she is there’s forever and no one is taking her ever from them, I found the romance heated up when Evan enters the picture he is the one that needs her more than he knows he is the one that needs healing as well. As the lead males I loved them all but my heart totally went to Evan I had a spark with him he caught a piece of my heart, just like Brody did in the previous book.

Favourite excerpt I chose this because I love the raw emotions.

“Can you see the cyber cafe?” Cameron asked as they exited the alley on the street they’d been heading for. Looking at the storefronts, Ben found the numbers and gestured back toward the way they’d come. More police cars blocked the street. One police car moved to let an ambulance pass, its sirens blaring as it took off in the opposite direction.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” Ben said. He reached for his badge as he approached a young uniformed police officer.
“Wait,” Cameron said, his voice sounded garbled and strained. Ben turned and roughly pushed Cameron back into the alley. His brother’s eyes were glowing amber and his canines had descended to pierce his bottom lip. Blood ran down Cameron’s chin and also from his fingertips where his claws now protruded.
“Hell, Cam. What the—”
Then Ben smelled it. Sweet, rich, and alluring. The smell as decadent as chocolate and just as addicting. Blood. Not just any blood. His mate’s life blood had been spilled somewhere close. She was hurt and he had failed to stop it from happening.
Ben held onto his cat with all of his will power. It snarled and roared. Hissing in anger to be allowed free, but Ben held tight to his control.
“Soon. We’ll have her soon, but not if we lose control.” Ben spoke the words out loud, trying to soothe both his cat and Cameron’s.
“I can scent more than one person’s blood,” Cameron said. His eyes blinked back to their human green. “This many police cars means someone has died. Our mate may have died before we fucking met her.”
See doesn’t it get to you I no it did for me I was totally caught up. Another thing I have to mention is the fight scenes normally I am so not in to them but Ashley has that knack I found myself getting totally bloodthirsty I was cheering them on willing them to win.

I love love the fact that Ashley’s other characters play a part in all of her books but one thing I would totally fan girl over is a little short story about Brody and his love with his bears now that would get so much love from me.

Look No further than these books you will not be disappointed at all i only wish i could give you higher than a 5 rating you deserve it.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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