I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is the third instalment from Sara Anderson’s Dareen Warriors and what a book this is I was hooked from the very first page till the very end.

Tynan and Kelton are twins as well as warriors they are with a special Dareen military unit that rescues women who are being sold of by Malderan slavers. They have arrived back on Earth to do one thing successfully which is too stop all of the abductions of the human women.

But fate has other plans in stall for them as juster after they arrive they come across a group of slavers who are trying with all there might to abduct a woman, Megan Townsend. They had all intentions of allowing her to leave, but after a hard bout of questioning with the slaver that had tried to abduct her well it reveals much more than they thought and now they have no choice but to find her and keep her safe and well protected. Now they have to find her and make a decision once and for all as they want to make her their mate.

Megan has had a traumatising past and this has made it hard for her to trust anyone at all. Kelton, being a strong empath that he is, he senses it all and convinces Tynan that they have to take this slowly with her. They both use their gifts there senses and there knowledge of the Dareen form of BDSM to help her recover and heal from her traumatic childhood and of course to be able to trust them.

Will this new found trio make it?

Will Megan be able to recover from her past to face a brighter future?

Another outstanding book from Sara Anderson she never fails to amaze me her talent is so immense you literally feel as if you were there a part of the book you feel every emotion that her characters go through you laugh you cry you burn up from passion….. man you are on a roller-coaster of amazement.

So when we meet Megan she is being abducted by a group of slavers yet she faces them head on she is a brave soul with so much heart even if it is buried deep inside. Megan is a character you cannot help but fall in love with, see you grow close to her like she is your sister or friend you cheer her on and back her 100% but then you realise she is a character and you cannot help but feel sad as you get so emotionally involved.

Kelton is a hot sexy kind dominant man, I found him the softer of the two I no others may see differently but too me he just had that little something but saying that I wouldn’t kick Tynan out of bed either lol. Tynan he was dark edgy dominant nothing gets past him he is in full control of every single little thing. Yes both men are tough but they both have this deep capacity of love and love they do Megan gets the best of both worlds and they both will do anything in there powers to help her recover from her past and be her forever protectors.

My favourite bit its part of an intimate scene but its so hot it fogged up my glasses.

“He pulled her to him and took possession of her mouth. Megan’s arguments cut off with the kiss like he planned.

“I say we wear out a little of that fight in you, Megan,” Tynan told her. He watched her eyes dilate. He did not need to be empathic to see she was aroused by that idea. She tried to be so strong, but she was a little submissive that was forced to be dominant. That always made things harder on little subs. He would fix that, though, happily.

He was going to dominate her completely and when he was done with her, she would be his perfect submissive.”

Damn that excerpt burns me right up 😉 I cannot express much more how amazing a writer Sara Anderson is she I out of this world I love every single thing about her warriors and I want a few of my own * pouts * I suppose my dreams will have to do for now.

You cannot get any better than Sara Anderson’s Dareen Warriors there pure yum.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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