Bewitched By The Alpha


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Once again Bryce Evans brings us another of her spell binding paranormal romance, I adore her style of writing and am always excited to read any and all her books.

Arden Dixon has had a lifetime of guilt because of his mothers death, he has found that he is getting tired of the push and pull on him as the Alpha of the Dixon Pack. He is always the one in the middle trying to play the peacemaker, and of course protecting all of the innocent in his pack.
But everything changes when he discovers the most beautiful woman she happens to be in the midst of a painful transition, he quickly realizes that his fate is in her hands.

All Quinn wants is to live her quiet enjoyable life in peace and of course selling the treasures she finds in her beautiful little store, but she is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is a victim of a horrific attack by a wolf non the less and this has given her no choice at all but to try and accept a whole new family and a completely new way of life. But surely that doesn’t mean she has to accept everything right ….. like the whole mating thing though seriously?

But is this all the hope the cravings the wanting that she has always craved for? Too belong?
Arden is a man with a big no huge need to protect, and Quinn is a woman with a need and a desire to make it on her own. Will these two be able to find the peace the love in each others arms, or will fate have other plans for them both?
As always Bryce Evans has this unique talent of pulling you right in to her book and the world that she has created she sucks you right on in you say to yourself just one more chapter just one more chapter and before you no it your half way through and your craving more. This book does just that to you.
The characters flawless as always and they make you feel so much emotions the story line has a great twist and wicked turns which will leave you wanting more. And some amazing secondary Characters like Jade and the outcasts I love her seriously hard I hope she gets her HEA soon.

Quinn is a quiet lady all she wants too do is run her shop successfully and have a great client base and get people coming through her shop door always, everything changes for her and before long she is in pack yes as a wolf and part witch which everyone hates. She makes some great friends with the out casts and Jade in particular she has a kinship with. O and she has the most handsome alpha sniffing around her…. what’s a girl to do and on top of that she has a new enemy and its within this new pack of hers April she is the so called leader the head bully of a nasty pack of she wolfs that all like to bully and pick on those that are weaker in the pack. Man Quinn has allot to deal with seeing as her quiet life has gone chaotic and then some. She is such a strong character she has the will to fight and fight she will.

Arden well I found him quite chaotic he is a sad alpha with allot of hurt and pain jumbled up in side of him, his past hasn’t been the nicest and he is still haunted by his mothers death, but now he has a new ray of hope in the form of Quinn the most beautiful woman and newly turned wolf he has ever seen in his life time …. as soon as he catches a whiff of her he knows she is his…… his forever mate but is this a good thing or bad? He cant quiet decide which at times I seriously wanted to strangle him or smack him through the book…. he does have a few those brain fart moments. But what I do love about him is his never ending let up he will not let his mate go she is his and he will do anything to hold her in his arms forever.

One of my most favourite parts in the book is when Quinn discovers Jade’s talents she is so kind hearted and knows a good thing when she sees it. She gives Jade a new meaning to life especially after April taunts her so.

O and the baddies of the books oooo there so nasty they totally riled me up.

This story has a bit of everything suspense, romance, angst I for one cannot wait to see what is next, I am just hoping that Jade is up next as I sense that the councils death hunters have there eye one her….. arrrggghhh I hate waiting please Bryce Evans not too long.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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