Bad Alpha Anthology


*I was given a copy of this box set in exchange for an honest review.*

This box set is full of shifters, love, betrayal, acceptance, and HEAs. I like the variety that is offered and feel it’s a good purchase. If you’re looking for quick reads, that are also interesting, hot, and full of love, then hit that one-click button now. Go on, I dare you. LOL

Bully Boys by Nicola Cameron

This is a historical romance that brings us the love story of Arthur and Gunner. Arthur is a barrister and all he does is work, work, work. He’s basically at the beck and call of his superiors and he answers every time because he wants to make partner in the firm. Of course, he’s worried that offer will come with the stipulation of a bride, the oldest daughter of one of the partners.

Gunner is the Alpha of the Black Staffs pack. Gunner works hard to keep everyone in his pack safe and to ensure the Haymaker Gang, run by the Hays family, doesn’t overstep the rules. Of course, you know that means they run right over those rules. Only this time, they’ve gone too far and Gunner needs to take care of it. As Arthur is struggling with his newfound reality, which includes not hiding who he truly is and his new mate, Gunner is showing people why he’s the Alpha and that you don’t want to cross him.

This story was fascinating and sad at the same time. The historical aspects make you feel for those living through itand sad because Arthur and Gunner know they may face opposition in regards to their mating. But they’re up for the challenge. Not to mention, Gunner is like a dog with a bone when he sees something he wants. (Ha, that’s an inside joke. Read the story and you’ll find out a hilarious fact about their shifting. It was very unique and unexpected. I think my brain even shouted “plot twist.” LOL)

The Alpha’s Assassin by Doris O’Connor

Zayden and Quinton meet and they’re both feeling the attraction and the instinctual knowledge that they’re mates. HEA ensues. Ha. Come on, you know it can never be that easy. So what’s the catch? Oh, it’s a big one. It’s literally a killer attraction because Zayden, who is for hire for those wishing to make problems disappear, has been tasked with finding Quinton and killing him. Told you it was a big one. Someone in Quinton’s pack isn’t too keen on his personal preferences and when you factor that in with wanting revenge, well the logical answer is to kill the guy, right? In Zayden’s mind, the answer is usually “yes,” followed quickly by, “mission completed.” Everything changes though when that mating bond starts up. Now how to break the truth to Quinton, while remaining mated, and eliminating the threat to him. Piece of cake, right? Maybe. I mean, how would you take that kind of news? Buy this box set and find out what happens. I dare you. 😉

Discarded Pup by Angelique Voisen

Cole lost ten years of his life due to jealousy, from his “friend,” Jonah and cowardice, from his pack who refused to do the right thing. Cole is sent to prison for raping a woman, when in fact, it was Jonah who did it and everyone knew it, but no one spoke up on Cole’s behalf. Now Cole is out and headed straight to River, Jonah’s latest plaything.

River is quite literally stuck in hell. He made a deal with the devil to help his brother, Ron. But River survived the change, his brother didn’t. So now River is all alone and constantly beaten and used by Jonah. Everyone sees how Jonah treats him, yet no one steps in to help him. Sound familiar? What else might Cole and River have in common? Hmm.

Cole and River meet as Cole makes his way to Jonah’s and he smells River’s fear. Jonah is beating River and River has had enough. He finally stands up for himself. Yay, River. Unfortunately, that angers Jonah even more and he decides River needs to die. Thank goodness Cole is nearby. Can Cole get his revenge and his mate? Will River stay with Cole now that’s he’s finally free? You know what to do…exercise that one-click finger.

While I fully intend to finish the remaining stories, I like what I’ve read so far. I’m rating this a 4 out of 5 for a couple reasons. First, I like the variety of the stories. Second, I like the uniqueness of what I’ve read. When you read as much as I do, it’s rare to come across a unique aspect in a story. Lastly, sometimes, regardless of how much we wish it wasn’t the case, we only have enough free time to read a short story or two. This set delivers that. The stories are short, yet detailed enough so you don’t feel cheated, there’s sexy times, suspense, and love conquers all. Like The Beatles said, “All You Need Is Love.”

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

Reviewed By Elizabeth E. Neal

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