Author Interview With Serena Ackeroyd


Today, we are interviewing the amazing Serena Akeroyd. Thank you for taking the time out from writing to help us learn more about you.

Tell us more about you and what drew you to your genre?

At heart, I’m just a sucker for romance. I fell into the genre by accident on vacation, and I’ve never looked back since. One dive into a Harlequin Romance and that was me DONE. After a while, I started thinking it was something I could write…and the whole thing just spiraled from there.

Crazily, I’m writing in a subgenre that is anything other than Harlequin-aimed. Menage definitely isn’t part of that particular branch of romance, but I love it all the same. I love writing it, love reading it, and generally, just… Yeah. Well. You get the picture 😉

Did you ever think you would become a writer or did your dreams take you elsewhere?

No, I never imagined writing would be my dream career. As a kid, I thought attorney, then decided against that, and headed down the teaching route. But a few twists and turns later, I find out that writing is just me. Everything about it.

And this from the chick who hated English Language and English Lit classes. 😀

Can you share a snippet of your latest book?

This is from the rough draft of a novel I’ve been working on for the last six months or so.

TBH, it’s starting to drive me around the bend!

He shrugged. “So? More often than not, Matteo sent them up to me.”

Your brother scored for you?”

At her scorn, he glared at her. “I’m a busy man, Lucia.”

Too busy to score?” She chuckled, then, bizarrely pleased by that admission, took a seat next to him. “Okay. Let’s do this. I’ll write down my limits. You write down yours.”

Martinez stilled. “Where the hell did that come from?”

You should compliment me more often. It might make me far more amenable.”

What is your most favourite snack to eat whilst you write?

Actually, I don’t snack while I’m writing. My fingers are too busy tapping away 😛 But, when they stop, that’s when the fun starts. I’m a slut for potato chips and a freak for ice cream!

Who are your muses when you create a characters and why?

The weird thing is, I don’t think I have a muse, per say. Not a specific one, anyway. A notion will come to me. It will just pop into my head. Bang out of nowhere. And I have to develop it. It’s almost like I have no say in the matter. I have to write the story.

My problem is…I have a lot of these ‘Eureka’ moments. I’m working on 10 Works-In-Progress as we speak!

Do you draw any inspiration of these characters from yourself

Sometimes. I’m a bit quirky, and a lot contradictory. So, I tend to put tidbits in about myself. I’m a fidgeter, so that went in Old Enough to Know Better, my latest release. 😀

Out of all your your characters who do you love the most.

I love them all. I really do. I wouldn’t have written their tales if I didn’t need them to have a HEA.

But, the ones who have stuck with me… Heroes? Nate Conroy from Marina, book two in the Naughty Nookie Series. Heroine? Kate Vasin from A Thoroughly Modern Menage, book two in the La Belle sans la Bete Menages series.

Nate, because he’s a Dom. And yet, he’s so complex, there’s just something about him that draws me in. Never mind his heroine, Marina!

And then, Kate, because of everything she went through and yet managed to survive.

Do you draw on any of your own life experiences

Sometimes, I do. I have experience of living away from my native soil, and I tend to include an Ex-Pat in most of my work. Be it a Brit in Paris, or an American in Outer Space.

What authors do you fangirl over?

I love Linda Howard’s books. Always have done and always will.

If you or one of your characters could be on a reality show would you? And what show would it be?

No, probably not. Lol. I need a computer to breathe. 😛 Oh, and an Internet connection. There’s that whole meme on Facebook… about doing without a computer and the Internet for three months for a million bucks…? That would be the only thing that would encourage me to be truly tech-free. 😀 So, definitely no forays into the Big Brother house! 😉

Do you do any personal research for your books 😉 😉

Hahaha! Now, wouldn’t that be telling?! 😉 I do like to make sure the positions are right, on a hands-on basis…but with menage, you can’t really do that. Unless you happen to know two very willing bisexual men who love one another, and who are willing to take on a hermit author… if you do, pass ’em my email, Heidi, baby! 😛

If one of your books was made in to a movie which one would it be and who would play lead characters.

Claimed by Caden. Without a doubt. I have this whole universe going on, where females are in charge, and even though women say the world would be better if we ran it, it really doesn’t work either way! On top of that, the whole Pride society rocks, and I’ve integrated this really cool element…which I won’t spoil by revealing. But yeah, it’s just a tiramisu kind of book—layer after layer after layer.

The guy playing Caden, the hero, would have to be Theo James, methinks. The heroine? Shailene Woodley. I loved their chemistry in Divergent!

Your stuck on a desert island you have 1 song, 1 book, 1 book boyfriend and 1 luxury item. What and why…?

One song… Cold Water by Damien Rice

One book… Okay, weird choice for me because I’m not religious, at all, but I’d take the Bible. It’s long, interesting, and would take a while for me to read. Then, when I’d read it, I could read it again.

One book boyfriend… Kell Sabin from Diamond Bay by Linda Howard. Unnf. That’s all I’ll say. And if we’re on a desert island, he’d know exactly what to do to keep us safe and sound.

One luxury item… a neverending supply of Vaseline. No, no, no! Get your minds out of the gutter, people 😛 It’s for my lips!!

Quick fire time

Coffee or Tea


Read the Book Or Watch the movie

Ugh, it depends. Sometimes I watch the movie because I’m too lazy to read the book.

Chocolate or Candy


Whips or Feathers


Being tied up or you tying someone up

Tying someone up

Tongues or no tongue


Top or bottom


Slow and steady or fast and explosive

Slow and steady

Huge thank you to the wonderful Serena Ackeroyd we at Cariad books love love you

Be sure to pick up your copies of Serena’s Books today, below are some of my personal favourites.



Realizing there’s a third person in her marriage, Devvy Jacques is stunned. Discovering her husband’s lover is a man, she’s horrified. Learning that man is Alexei Ivanov, the internationally renowned scientist behind the cure for cancer, she’s…
Being part of a ménage wasn’t in any of her fairy tales as a kid, but the more she’s with hubby, Sebastien, and new lover, Alexei, the more she realizes it’s a dream come true.
Around them, between them, under or above them, Devvy flourishes, becoming the woman she was meant to be before life did a number on her.
With the ménage flourishing, and love growing every day, it takes a twisted blackmailer to derail it all. Raking up past secrets Alex wants to remain hidden, and exposing their unusual household to the world’s eye, the trio face enough challenges to unravel apart.
Will life work its mischief or will they still have what it takes to be perfect, Ménage Material

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When Evan Westchester starts to see his partner Harden Grainger in a different light, their lover Bella Drake is caught in the middle. Certain the relationship that has been her keystone is about to disintegrate, she’s helpless because her men have left her completely in the dark as to why things have started to go so wrong.

But she isn’t the only one to notice the change in Evan. Harden decides a dirty vacation away is what they need to reconnect.

Upon learning that Evan and Harden are sexually attracted to one another, what’s a girl to do but sit back and enjoy the show? Only, Evan isn’t playing nice. His ingrained beliefs about homosexuality are putting their loved-up relationship in jeopardy.

Under the heat of the Cypriot sun, can Harden and Bella teach Evan that it’s okay to love another man? Or is a ménage made in relationship-heaven doomed to failure because of outdated thinking?

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When Loukas Cosse, Leon Mavros, and Aaron Stephanos turned their backs on the Corsakis heiress, Alexa was heart-broken. And so, The Corsakis, a hotel for couples living in ménages, was born out of her need to live within such a relationship. If she couldn’t have one herself, she could facilitate those fortunate couples who did.

But the constant reminders of what she’d lost were a torment. For years, she lived without the men who made her whole. Hating them for spurning her, yet loving them because they belonged to her, as she did to them.

On the small island of Cyprus, a place still steeped in tradition, her desires are more than just unorthodox. But when the trio return with explanations as to their heart-breaking rejection of years before, Alexa has to question everything she ever knew if she is to accept them back into her life.

Is she brave enough to hear them out, or will she do as they did to her—reject them, but this time, lose them forever…?

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