Author Interview With Ashley Malkin


Ashley Malkin sets hearts racing every time she has a new book out and now she has my heart racing by agreeing to do this interview for me 🙂

Tell us more about you and what drew you to your genre?
I am a romantic at heart and in my world there is only true love and fidelity. That led to a love of the paranormal genre, where the shifters and vampires fall hard for their true love and are fiercely loyal and protective. Like supernatural Prince Charming’s. I used to love fairytales as a child, so perhaps that was what has drawn me to the paranormal genre so strongly.
Did you ever think you would become a writer or did your dreams take you elsewhere?
I always wanted to be a nurse, and I realised that dream, so consider myself very lucky. I love my job and wouldn’t give it up for anything.  But I have also loved reading from a very young age and read voraciously. Before kindle’s I always kept a book in my bag and my breaks at work were spent reading. I never considered writing until later in life, and it was really just because I had ideas for books that I wanted to read, but couldn’t find any that matched. So I write what I would enjoy reading and have found I really love writing. I get lost in the world of my characters and it lets me escape reality just as much as reading does.
Can you share a snippet of your latest book? This may be too long, but here is a snippet from Morgan Eminence Shifters 5:
 Evan paced as he waited at the airstrip with Samson and Wes. He’d arrived there in his truck before Cameron and Ben had even taken off from Lansing, but this was his mate. He was waiting to meet his mate. After years of death and blood he’d been convinced that such a thing as this would be denied him. It seemed fate had other ideas, and he couldn’t be happier.
 “You were sure she was yours just from hearing her voice?” Wes asked. Evan turned and regarded the young genius. He was only a dozen years younger than Evan, but his life had been vastly different and it showed on his face. In his eyes. Even on his soul.
 “Hearing her voice sent shivers through my whole body,” Evan said. He closed his eyes and savoured the memory of that feeling. “It was like my soul reached out and recognized its other half. It was unmistakable.”
 Evan opened his eyes and regarded the men standing with him. He expected mocking smiles to be on their faces, it would have been on his face not four hours ago. Wes, however looked to be in awe and Samson was smiling wistfully. Evan raised an eyebrow in question at Samson’s expression.
 “I remember when Bethany finally regained consciousness and spoke for the first time. You explained the feeling well,” Samson said. He slapped Evan on the back and inclined his head to the south. “Here they come.”
 As soon as the plane stopped moving Evan was standing by the door. When the steps lowered he raced into the plane to find his breath ceasing in his lungs. He reached out and held onto a bulkhead as he stumbled. The sweet rich scent of his mate filled the entire cabin. It snaked through his body sparking pleasure on each nerve ending in travelled past. His big frame vibrated with need. The need to touch her, to hold her in his arms and never let her go.
 “Who’s this?” said the voice of his angel.
 He opened his eyes, not sure when they’d closed, and saw Ben standing in front of him with Morgan in his arms. She was even more lovely than the photo had indicated. He growled as his gaze assessed her injuries with the speed of both his shifter genetics and his soldiers training.
 She had a blood-soaked bandage taped to her temple with black bruises marring the perfect, white, skin of her face and neck. A blanket was over her legs and her arms were both encased in thick bandages.
 “This is Evan,” Ben said, a smile quirking up his lip. “He doesn’t say much, just growls a lot.” Evan consciously stopped his growl, unaware when it, too, had started. He was losing it.
 “He is obviously your brother then, you both growl as well. Was your father a bear or something?”
 Morgan gave him a small smile as she shrank back into Ben’s arms. He didn’t want his mate to ever be afraid of him. He smiled widely, aware that the scar that ran from his temple to his jaw on the left side of his face made his smile lop-sided. She is going to be looking at it for the next couple of centuries, no point in hiding it.
 “You’re close, love. But no, he is not a bear,” Evan said. He held out his arms and hoped that Ben didn’t notice they were trembling. He needed to hold Morgan or he’d go insane with the desperation coursing through him from his cat. “We’ll tell him you said that, though. He’ll bust a gut laughing.”
What is your most favourite snack to eat whilst you write?
I wish I could say it was celery and carrot sticks, but I can’t. It’s actually biscuits. The sweet variety, and most have chocolate involved in their construction. Chocolate chip. Chocolate Digestives, Chocolate creams, Tim Tams…. I sense a pattern here.
Who are your muse’s for when you create a characters and why?
I have an idea in my head for my strong, Alpha-male characters, and even though they are all different in personality. They all love fiercely, and fight that way for their mates. Being shifters they are all tall and muscular, fast and strong. All kind of like Channing Tatum, or Vin Diesel. So they would be my muse’s.
Do you draw any inspiration of these characters from yourself?
I have used some of my life experiences in my female characters. The pain and emotional conflict involved with domestic violence and the hurt associated with the betrayal from infidelity. I think it adds depth to the characters if their pain can be felt by the reader, and sharing honest emotions helps to convey that.
Out of all your your characters who do you love the most.
This is a difficult question, because when I’m writing I love ALL of my characters. I am in their minds and hearts and they are alive and real for me. I hate the bad guys with equal passion, so their ultimate demise is very satisfying for me when it happens.
If I had to choose a favourite it would be the tortured souls, the ones who had a hard time accepting that they are worthy of love and happiness. So that brings to mind Calder Wilder, from Peata (Eminence Shifters 2), and Josh and Shane Walsh from The Trail back(Pine Falls 3).
Do you draw on any of your own life experiences?
I have used some of my life experiences in my female characters. The pain and emotional conflict involved with domestic violence and the hurt associated with the betrayal from infidelity. I think it adds depth to the characters if their pain can be felt by the reader, and sharing honest emotions helps to convey that.
What authors do you fangirl over?
I love every single thing that Nalini Singh writes and would love to have a cup of tea with her. Her characters are all amazing. I love the way she writes them.
I also think JRR Tolkien was a genius. His whole creation of another world was awesome.
Do you do any personal research for your books 😉 😉
Cheeky, Heidi. I have read a lot of books, so know what I like to read. Is that research???
I suppose having a great sex life with my husbands helps to keep the love scenes real.  I write menage, but sadly have only participated in menage in my fantasies. I’m not dead yet, so there’s still a chance of hands on rese
If one of your books was made in to a movie which one would it be and who would play lead characters.
Your stuck on a desert island you have one song one book and one book boyfriend and one luxury item. What and Why?
1 song : Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.
1 Book: Angels Blood by Nalini Singh
1 Book Boyfriend: Raphael from Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series
1 luxury: Chocolate- I’m really addicted!
Quick fire time
Coffee or Tea
Read the Book Or Watch the movie
read a book
Chocolate or Candy
Chocolate, of course!
Whips or Feathers
Being tied up or you being tied up
 Tied up- yumm
Tongues or no tongue
Love lots of tongue.
Top or bottom
Slow and steady or fast and explosive
All of the above 🙂
Huge thank you To Ashley Cariad Books Loves you o so much.
Be sure to pick up your copies today, Below are some of my faves from Ashley.
After a childhood tragedy Melanie Cook had shut out all people from her life, preferring to be alone over getting hurt again. On duty one night she is attacked by a mountain lion shifter and thrust into a world she never knew existed. She is put into protective custody by four enormous and handsome men, men she just can’t seem to stop desiring. She is feelings things she never imagined she would. These men threaten to break her years of disciplined solitude. Finn, Cooper, Hunter and Dane Frederick have lived a long time waiting to find their mate. They find her on a night of blood and death. Determined to keep her safe and to make her theirs they take her home. But explaining the existence of shifters to their human mate, and having her accept them for who they are, is not easy with the continued threat on her life.
Caleb Mabry is Alpha of his mixed pride of shifters in Pine Falls. He is a mountain lion shifter who has always used brute strength to win his battles. When he and his brothers, Prescott and Lachlan, find their chosen mate, Meg O’Brien, they are angered by her refusal to even talk to them. Anger turns to fury when she rejects them. Meg can’t accept her mates while a stalker threatens death to anyone who touches her. She runs away to save them, only for her stalker to nearly kill her and her sister, Lexie. Her mates rescue Meg and Lexie and discover her stalker is a creature with heavenly origins and a soul of pure evil. To free Meg from the danger that follows her back to Pine Falls the pride ends up relying on a new and dangerous friend, who brings them protection and strength. Caleb must use his cunning, not his strength, to finally save his mate.

Brayden Walsh is a wolf shifter, and has spent the last fifty years trying to bring his brothers, Josh and Shane, back to humanity after they all suffered a horrific childhood trauma. When their mate, Abbie Lake, is brought to Pine Falls having been freed from the evil vampire, Selwyn Graves, he realizes his brothers must finally decide to fight for their own lives.

Abbie Munroe was taken from her home and held captive at the hands of brutal vampires for over a month due to her wolf-hybrid genetics. Rescue from imprisonment brings her the joy of discovering her mates and the pain of never being able to claim them.

As the mates fight to find a way to love each other, evil threatens the whole pride as Selwyn Graves comes to claim his precious hybrids. Can the pride use all of the supernatural powers at their disposal to forever free their mates from evil?

Coming Soon

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