I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Stardust is the second book in the Warriors Of Dareen series, this series has captured not just my attention but my heart it is out of this world amazing.

When Laura Chandler was brutal attack by Shara soldiers whilst on Earth. Laura suffered a great deal but was rescued by some Dareen warriors, but little did they no how much this attack has left her not only mentally but physically traumatized as well.

Dareen doctors have been finally able to create and develop a medication to treat her mental trauma, which does help her allot. Whilst she is slowly recovering Laura finds that she is starting to fall in love….. with her protector, Varnis.

Trouble seems to follow Laura when there is an abduction attempt against her. so it is decided that she needs to have her very own warrior and be bonded. Varnis cannot let another day past without denying his very attraction for her and he knows deep down he cannot watch or let her go to another warrior, so he just claims her as his very own.

His plan has always been to keep her safe, but he finds that he has fallen in love with her. Now just as they are working together and figuring out their new found love a new threat has emerged that could very well rip them apart for good and leave Laura in an even greater hell then she could have ever imagined.

Will there love be torn apart or will they find great victory together forever?

Being that this is the second I could definitely see how much that Sara Anderson writing has progressed, she was already an amazing author but now you can see that writing is not only in her blood but her heart, I only wish I had half as much talent as she does.

This book is amazing not only will you fall in love with the characters but you will fall for Dareen’s just like I did at first yes you think omg I will not let no man do that to me but damn don’t lie because we all no we would especially with there smoking hot looks there fiercely protective nature and there all around nature.

Laura is a character you so want to reach out to help and nurture her, she was just a normal earth lady until her horrific attack now she is a change woman a shell of what she use to be on earth. she now lives on a different planet with all these new species new people new everything. Now with the help of this wonderful new medication she is starting her life all over again with a sheer determination and s fire deep down to live once more and not just for herself but for the most wonderful Dareen warrior Varnis he makes her come alive. I loved Laura her fight was something magical to read about and how she didn’t wallow for long she got up and fought.

Varnis is a Dareen warrior he holds his training deep in his heart and now he has a reason to let something else in to his heart Laura the human female who they had saved from the Shara. Varnis cant help but fall for Laura quick and hard, he was the only one that was able to stay with her through her dark period the only one to connect and calm with her, he knows she is not a fragile doll but a fierce spunky woman which only makes him want her more he knows he will stop at nothing to have her as his bonded. Varnis * Fans Oneself * o my what a sexy hot dominant Dareen man they don’t make them like him in the real world that’s for sure, Varnis was a true knight in shining armour you cant help but love his so deeply.
I must mention some of my favourite parts of the book ones which too me show how truly amazing a writer Sarah Anderson truly is and how she is able to convey so much emotion and angst just astounds me.

“Without the Shara’s DNA causing her mental break, Laura was a woman he found impossible to resist. He had started watching over her as an assignment, but now he stayed because he enjoyed watching over her. He caught glimpses of her bratty nature, and it stirred his lust “

“ Laura opened her mouth, and he took that moment to take it. He pressed his lips to hers. He could not allow her to start asking questions and getting answers that would only frighten her. He was going to make her feel so much pleasure she would only think of pleasing him so she could get more. She would not ask questions about slavers.”

I loved this book from the first page to the very end and I just no this series will get better and better.

5 Out Of 5 hearts from Cariad Books

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