Reflections Of The Wolf


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

This is the second book in The Gray Pack series you can read it in order like I am doing or read them as a stand-alone.

After Tina Jameson and her best friend Caroline were held hostage by a crazy psycho werewolf with evil intent, Tina is just thankful to be alive, So much so Tina ends up going home with Liam Gray and havingthe most scorching hot passionate night with him, Liam is one of the local fire-fighter and he is also a Beta Wolf of the Gray Pack. But when he suddenly tells her that she is his destined mate, she thinks he is crazy and runs away as fast as she can.

But Tina finds that emotions are conflicting just as much as her needs and desires. She has already been a victim of such a senseless act of violence in the past, That know Tina has given up on any and all kinds of forever love, even though this man turns her inside out and presses every last button and nerve she has which leaves her hotter than hades.

Liam never thought that he would ever want a mate, but his wolf has other ideas and he wants Tina immediately in his bed and in his life for ever. But for in order to have Tina he has to let go of the past and the guilt that has been haunting him from his daughter’s death and then he has to help Tina to let go of her very own tragic past.

Can one night truly determine their destiny of a Happily Ever After, or will there fear get to them and drive them both apart?

This series gets better and better I just adore Lori King her style of writing is intoxicating/magic once you pick up one of her books you get lost in to a new world and you don’t come out until the very end. Liam intrigued me in book one when I found out his past I just new his book would be amazing, hold on to your seats as this book will take you on a wild ride.
Tina well I liked her but didn’t love her I have to admit she did drive me mad whilst I can understand she has had a turbulent past she does everything to drive Liam away……. Helllooo hot wolf who is a Fire-fighter ….. damn il have him if she doesn’t want him seriously I wanted to reach through the book and scream at her Open your eyes woman……

Liam well he has my heart totally I loved him to the core he has suffered such an insane tragedy and yet he is able to see through it all to love again… wowza he is a man and a half, yes he makes mistakes when he doesn’t go after Tina but he soon sees the error of his ways which made him my favourite character.
What I loved about this book was how Lori was able to bring us heaps of chemistry and a sizzling amount of attraction, and of course the chemistry between Liam and Tina is simply divine they bring us an inferno of sizzling heat and raging desire the intimate scenes are *Fans Myself * scorching.

You also get them both needing to let go of there past as well as their very fears, this relationship is for sure an emotional roller-coaster that will pull at you heart. This is a fast paced flowing plot which will keep us the readers on there tippy toes through out.

What more could I ask for Lori King is one of those writers that time after time knocks it out of the park.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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