Her Vigilant Seal


I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

I have been a huge fan of Caitlyn O’Leary for a while now and I just no whatever book she writes it is going to be amazing, and I was not wrong at all this book is nothing short of amazing I am truly in awe of it and of Miss O’Leary amazing mind and talent.

Sophia Anderson has such an amazing heart she goes and takes care of everyone but herself. She knows she must always keep her family safe and will stop at nothing to do this. One night she goes out searching for her little brother who has runaway again and in a very unsavoury part of town, how quickly things change when she herself becomes the one who is in need of rescue.

Navy SEAL, Mason Gault, has faced many a danger whilst in the line of duty. And no matter how how his mission has gone, he still finds comfort in these three things: His loving family, friends and the very waves of the Pacific Ocean. When he hears the distressed sounds of a woman’s screams for help, he rushes in to save her without a thought for even his own safety.

Sophia is such a strong and determined lady she has been burdened with so much worry emotions and scars from her past which she has yet to overcome. Mason completely understands her and seems to know that empowering her will and her spirit is just as vital as protecting her well-being. As their new found love and passion soars high, so do the threats against her.

Will Mason still be her white knight that she desperately? One that she truly needs, will he be able ensuring her safety? Or will there love end in tragedy.

This is an amazing book and the first in a new series Caitlyn O’Leary never fails to amaze me with her books, now with this series she brings us smoking hot seals * Fans Myself* and yes they are seriously yummy as well as witty protective brave and more, I fell in love with so many of the seals I swear I just didn’t no who to love the most yes Mason is an amazing character but how does one choose?

I loved how Caitlyn starts this book it gives us a look into Mason and his career as a Seal. He is in charge of a loyal wily team that has become more to him than anyone could no they are more like a part of his family, he is a dedicated seal and he is always at the for front of rescuing anyone in need, even if it meant putting his own life is in danger.

Sophia is the type of character that I found myself really wanting to be friends with, I totally felt her emotions pour out through the whole of the story yes they changed but it gave me more to fall in love with, she has a pure heart of gold which shines so bright which I am sure all of Caitlyn readers will love, I adore her little brother he has so much smarts yet he also has such manners that you hardly see these days which shows how well Sophie has taught him.

Mason what a guy he is for sure a knight in shining armour a sexy yummy delicious one…… * Fans Myself* he is the type of guy every woman dreams of, and ever reader wants he is sweet, loyal, protective and of course hot as hades. I simply adore him Caitlyn has given us a great insight in to what can go on in a Seal mind life and missions.

One of my favourite bits of the story was how Caitlyn shows us the difficulties Sophia is having with trusting Mason or his team. I loved how she was able to work through it and sees how they all step up and take an interest in her brother, That is when lets her guard down and she sees what is in front of her Mason her love and a team of men that would do anything for her. Know she can have hope for her future.
Another little thing I loved was Mason friends I have this crush that developed for Drake and Clint….. sighs sue me im greedy I want them both.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts from Cariad Books

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