11057337_877049912380563_4686126339177547174_nI was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.

Rose is part of the ( Wildflowers Of Montana Series ) it is book one with it seems several more to follow.

Vanessa vale takes us on a journey of love and romance and of course some twists and turns through out the story.
Rose Lenox has grown up to be more of a tomboy she is so much more comfortable on a horse than she could ever be, wearing ribbons and bows is just not her good thing her seven adopted sisters do.

For some years she Rose has enjoyed working the land it was enough for her, but as of late Rose just finds herself overwhelmed and needing more out of life. She dreams of having her own ranch and the very freedom to do what she wants when she wants it and away from her formidable and unconventional family. Rose is so determined to do it all on her very own and have her own life path.

The nearest neighbour the Lenox’s have is Chance Goodman, He has sat back watching as Rose grow from a little hellion to a stunning vixen. Chance has waited years now he has been a patient fellow, he has watched her struggle to find her way her place in the world.

But then she ups and leaves the Lenox ranch all on her own, Rose has set her mind to it and she abandons her previous life and she has to say good-bye to him… Chance the only man that sets her alight and makes her heart skip a beat.

he knows the time has finally come he needs to claim her forever. He isn’t going to stand back and let her walk away it just isn’t an option. He knows exactly what he needs and what she needs… he is going to give it all and more to her.

This is a warm hearted sexy historical erotic romance which will warm all hearts as well as beds wink emoticon

I simply adore Vanessa Vale I love her genius mind as well as her amazing books and worlds she creates, every time I pick up one of Vanessa newest releases I am transported to another world one were there was gallant men,chivalrous manners and where women are women with dresses bows ribbons and there ambitions are to look after there men…. but not Rose she is a different kind of lady one full of life full of ambitions other than being at home.

Rose is such a spunky loveable yet slightly wilful character she has so much to give but is stuck at home with all of her sisters, yes she loves them but wants so much more. I love her naivety it struck me as so not Rose but yet it is, its rather endearing to say the least.

Chance is a yummy character full of life full of yearning for the lovely Rose he has watched and loved her from afar, now is his time to shine, and shine he does he is smoking hot sexy possessive with a for sure Alpha complex that I loved.

Considering this is suppose to be a novella this book has allot of depth warmth and great characters that worm there way in to your heart. The small BDSM elements where super hot and just the right amount to bring more heat forward to this book.

I am so looking forward to more from this fresh delightfully sexy series I just no Rose sisters have stories they want to tell us.

4 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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