This BDSM Book brings you not only sexiness but a roar and passionate love, Rose Nickol certainly has such a fantastic way with words characters heat and of course an amazing story line.

Alan Rainer and Theresa Gomez are just friends, That is until Theresa’s step-brother gets in the way, he decides that he wants her house, the house that her mother had left to her in her will. Theresa’s whole life has been filled with so much loss.

Her father passed away when she was just five, and then she lost her mother when she was in her very early twenties to the soul crushing disease cancer.

Would she know lose her house as well and her new budding relationship with Alan as well?

When Alan first caught sight of the lovely Theresa at Club de Fleurs, he had an instant attraction to her. She was nice and friendly with him, but she would never allow anything more than that.

He spends numerous hours just talking with her whilst she is working at the club, then finally one night Alan manages to convinces her to have a drink with him.

But that same night after she has a run in with her troublesome step-brother, Theresa has no idea what to do so she reaches out to Alan for help.

Will he come to her rescue and be her very own knight in shining armor?

Alan wants Theresa so much and will do do everything in his power to win her over, but will she ever commit to him fully?

This is the Third book in Rose Nickol’s Club De Fleur series, this book i found more tender than the others i don’t no what it was but Alan and Theresa stole a part of my heart. this book offers you so much thrills chills excitement and a heap load of sexiness, as well as a twist 🙂 watch out for it.

I love love love these characters there such a great fit for this story line, Theresa she is a scared little thing with a past of pain and future of lonely nights that is until Alain starts talking to her, she has always been curious about the BDSM lifestyle but has never made that leap in to it even though she works in the club she stays well away, even though curiosity they say kills the cat.

Alain wow he is such a caring sexy dominant man, he totally mad my heart flutter. not only is he a sweetheart but he has a very protective streak. he has been wanting something more with Theresa but never could get a yes from her, then things change when she accepts, he is over the moon and then some until he gets the call one asking for help from a very scared Theresa, that’s when things change from friendship to a night in shining armour rescue, but her knight is more on the Dominant protective side.

Theresa step brother omg what a total nut job i so wanted to crawl through the book and slap him silly what the hell is up with him. he be cray cray.

One of my all time favourite moments in the book is Alain introducing Theresa to his world, finding out her likes and dislikes. Totally hot and caring at the same time.

Every book i pick up by Rose Nickol’s just gets better and better i am in total awe with her * Fangirl moment * she is so talented.

I cannot wait to read more from the Club De Fleur series.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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