I was given this book By Michelle McLoughney for my honest review,

Big thank you too Michelle once again you have outdone yourself you are a truly amazing writer, not only did i laugh i cried and blushed and all in one book. You truly are one those wonderful writers that knows how to pull emotions out from your readers.

Rian is book 3 in the amazing O’Malley series and wowza what a must read series.

Are you a believer in soul mates? Well this O Malley is.

From the moment Rian O’Malley saw Liadh O’Neil he new she was the missing link to his life, the other part of his soul. He just new that they would be together forever. There was just one problem, they were both only five years old at the time.

When Rian lost his Liadh, he shut away his heart to all women, No one has ever managed to capture him or his soul like his Liadh.

Rian O’Malley grew up and life is finally good he is a sexy brooding multi millionaire businessman. And being CEO of the O’Malley Caribbean resorts affords Rian every luxury he could ever want or need, Rian is very well guarded, And in the guise of a cheeky carefree man he can hide his deeply fractured heart.

Liadh O’Neil is back in town after all the years of being away but can she resist Rian ……

Scarred by the fire that damaged her physically and emotionally, Liadh is changed. And although broken and hurt on the inside, Liadh is a confident and very professional woman.

Can Rian break through her well built barriers and dig through the façade to find the real Liadh? Old friendships are rekindled quickly and old enemies return, soon Rian must fight and fight he will for his Liadh’s life as well as her heart.

Michelle is a master she emotes so much emotion out of me every time she never fails to surprise me, Her writing has such depth and richness.

I Loved this book there is a certain sparkle about the O Malley family that everyone i no including myself love. All the old characters are back including my favourite Granny O Malley.

I find it so hard to pick a favourite character in this book after i connected with so many of them and on such different levels, But i felt close to Liadh on a personal level what with her injuries from the fire and the fact she viewed herself in such a way that Rian just could not comprehend, it made me personally think how we women view ourselves inside and out and how we should value ourselves more.

One part that stood out for me was Liadh melt down i felt so much raw emotion from her i felt i was there myself viewing this melt down.

And the Irish proverbs and sayings on each chapter did not fail to make me smile or laugh.

And i just have to add how much i Loved the mini story half way through the book of Tommy and Siobhan and how they met each other i cried my eyes out and on a bus as well. it was such a great extra to the story it completed it for me.

some of my Favourite bits and parts from the book,

Doubt that the stars are fire
Doubt that the sun doth move his aides,
Doubt truth to be a liar
But never doubt i love you.

( Funniest part of the book )

” Sheila whatsherface! Really? i mean seriously the girl needs a good kick in the fanuala”
” Fanuala ?”
” yes Seamus, Fa-nu-ala,” Annie sighed dramatically.
” I’ve no idea what a fanuala is Annie.
Care to enlighten me?”
“Okay Seamus, this is big people talk so try to keep up.
when a man takes his pee pee and puts it in a woman’s Fanuala.
and then nine months later-” Seamus put a hand up to stop her.
” Jesus Annie!

There is nothing what so ever in this book i did not like i loved it all.

To summarise this book its Fan-tas-tic everything you could want in a book and from an author with such a great calibre as from Michelle, i could not put Rian down and now im so sad its all over well till June, and am counting down the days till Annie and Seamus story they so have some serious sexual chemistry.

5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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