Passport To Happiness by Debbie White

Snippets from Passport To Happiness

Snippet #1

Josh was my last link to the little town in West Texas. I outgrew him in a way too. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was thankful he blew me off in the dining room that day.

Snippet #2

My palms were sweaty and my stomach was doing flip-flops. The anticipation of what I would see beyond the gates left me filled with anxiety.

Snippet #3

“May I kiss you?” He asked self-consciously. I nodded. He hesitated for a brief second, and then he leaned in. His mouth was soft and warm, his kiss gentle like the soft warm wind that blew through west Texas.

Snippet #4

I walked up the couple of steps with my one bag in my hand, and casually turned to see my friends one last time. I blew them both a kiss, and with a heavy heart, I found my way down the aisle of the bus locating an empty seat.

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Hi Everyone! My name is Heidi and I hail from the beautiful city of Cardiff. When I’m not lost in a book you can find me crafting. I love to make and create unique and awesome author swag as well as custom designs, Jewellery and just about anything else that I can teach myself. I’m also a total film junkie, too. I love romances (obviously!), comedies and Disney films. My true passion in life, though? Reading. I love the way you can pick a book up and get immersed in it. While I read romance of all types, I especially enjoy menage and paranormal and all the naughty taboo books. I’m planning to blog most days of the week. It might be a cover reveal for an upcoming release I’m excited about or teasers. You’re most likely to find a review. Authors, if you’d like me to review your book, be sure to contact me!
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