Stepbrother Mine

I was given an ARC of this book by the amazing Mandy Dowson for my honest opinion,

When Mandy gave me this book i was so intrigued by it and the fact she chose to tackle the Taboo side of Romance, i caught myself thinking damn girl you have balls of steel, but kudos to her as it is an amazing well written hot and steamy romance with such a great build up of three parts, i for one could not put it down.

Sophie and Logan were always told and taught that family was about more than blood, but that changes when these step siblings Sophie Ellis and Logan Castle meet for the very first time, their attraction is instant and sparks start to fly. Whilst Logan’s dad is trying to keep them at arm’s length, they both soon discover that sometimes the best laid plans all fall apart,

Logan is everything Sophie has ever fantasized about, and everything she can never have.
Sophie is all and more that Logan has ever wanted,

Trying so hard to be his stepsister Sophie can’t shake the attraction she deep down feels for him.

Then he decides it’s time to leave, but then circumstances see them reunite, and Logan soon discovers their initial attraction is still there even after all the intervening years apart, Logan couldn’t help himself. He has to have her once and for all.

Running very scared, Sophie cuts all ties and runs.

When Logan is left behind, his bitterness grows deep.
Then again circumstances deem to force them back together and her back into his waiting arms, Sophie past comes back to haunt her.
Logan is bitter and determined to make her pay for leaving him.

Desires are very much forbidden. Loyalties are certainly tested to the max. Hearts are shattered. But is True love strong enough to conquer all?…….

I Love Love Love this book can you tell ……… Mandy has done it again and conquered my heart, she has such a way of writing it pulls you in i was up till 6 am reading and it was o so worth it, A sheer joy to read from beginning to end,

I so fell in love with Logan and i was cheering him on wanting him to be able to get his hearts desire even if some think its unconventional true love comes in all different ways especially when you least expect it, The true and raw emotions he went through was heart wrenching and i so wanted to go in to the book and hug him, and once or twice slap him lol …

The sizzle in this book was unreal ….. so pantie dropping just this quote alone i was steaming up,

“You love it,”he whispered.
“I know you do.Look at yourself,
breathing harsh,
legs falling open for me as if
i belonged here.” he placed his
index finger at the apex of her
thighs, and a breathless moan
escaped her throat.
“Why not just give in?”

As well as the steamy parts there are also a number of funny moments especially at the beginning of the book with the snail.

I would not change a thing about this book only that i wanted more and maybe well for sure a Logan of my own,

Overall this book is first class, a story of a growing bond in to true love,

This is an Adult only book due to the graphic nature

Anyone who loves Emma Holly or Laurann Dohner STOP THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

I do so hope Mandy will write more of this series,

5 Out of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

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